Do you regularly walk your dog?  If not keep reading.  Walking is a simple pleasure that will affect many areas of your life.  Read below about my personal experiences.

If I become overwhelmed with work and I just stand up and take my dog out, breath the fresh air and allow myself to connect with my dog I shift into much more ease and flow.  Walking brings me into the moment.  As I am moving, emotions flow through my body instead of remaining stagnant.  I also gain a whole new perspective and notice when my brain is blowing things out of proportion.

Hiking brings even greater affects for me especially when my dog is off leash.  I become a child again.  I remember walking my dog regularly when I was a child in our woods and how I was so in the moment.  This feeling fills my entire body.  Many times I feel magical as if I am in a fantasyland.  Gratitude is much easier to feel and I appreciate my life so much more.

Of course the benefits of connecting with your dog are profound as well.  There are few dogs that don’t enjoy walks.  If your dog is enjoying himself, you are more likely to feel the joy as well.  Happiness rubs off and is spread.  Our dogs are so easily happy and walking can remind you about the simplicity of life.  When I am walking my dog especially off leash there are times when I just feel complete Oneness with the Universe, and the soul connection I have with my dog is amazing.

I invite you to be present and aware during your walks so if you can reap in more benefits.  If you aren’t walking frequently how about you create new resolution to start?  The benefits are too strong to pass.

Happy Holidays!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC


Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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