As a professional Salt Lake City dog trainer, we have many clients and dog owners state that their dogs run out the front door and the owner has trouble retrieving their dog. If you are reading this post you are probably relating to this stressful behavior.  Below are some suggestions that we recommend to create more peaceful dog training.  Salt Lake City may not be a super busy city but the streets are busy enough that your dog could get hit by a car or lost in the neighborhood. Let’s prevent this now!

1.) Train your dog to wait at the main front door.

  • For safety reasons have your dog be on leash.
  • Ask your dog to sit and c/t (click and treat) the sit.
  • C/T as your dog sits when you approach the door.  Keep clicking and treating as your dog retains the sit as you move to opening the door.
  • If your dog breaks the sit shut the door to prevent your dog from passing through the open doorway.
  • Once your dog can hold the sit while you open the door fully say “sit” and “wait” before opening the door.

2.) Train an awesome “come” command.  Obedience is important if your dog does runs through the doorway and continues running away from you. In the past, we wrote articles on dog training.  Salt Lake City has the Catalyst magazine and they published them.  In this magazine there is an article we wrote on training “come”.  Read this article to learn more about how to train come

We want to hear from you in a comment below!

Have you experienced stress with door darting?  What questions do you have to create a better wait at the door and come to create ultimate obedience at home with your dog?

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Dog Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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