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Meet Our New Dog Training Partner – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Becca Shreiar - Salt Lake City - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars – Salt Lake City – Dog Training Do you wish that your dog would listen to you? You are not alone and we can definitely help! I am the founder and owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Salt Lake City, Dog Training. Recently I moved to Ohio and it has been important to continually help as many Salt Lake City dogs as possible. As a result, we have a new trainer, Becca Shreiar, that is partnering with us. She lives in Salt Lake City and can help you with your dog in-person. Becca went through an extensive interview process and passed with flying colors.  She has extensive knowledge on reward-based training. As a result she follows the recommendations of the American Veterinarian Association of Animal Behavior. She […]

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Holidays – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Dog Training - Salt Lake City - Four Legged Scholars

Four Legged Scholars LLC– Salt Lake City – Dog Training With the holidays coming I hear: “how do I keep my dog safe?” Keeping our dogs safe is so important and we want to do it right. It can be tempting to feed your dog human food in Salt Lake City. Dog training can require much treat usage. However, there are a tons of human foods that can be dangerous to your dog especially during the holidays. Chocolate, grapes, avacado, onions, and cooked bones are all not good to feed your dog even during the holidays or during dog training. Salt Lake City has my pet stores where you can buy healthy dog treats or you can make your own treats (recipe below). Cooked bones can splinter in your dog’s […]

Do You Want to Give to Dogs During this Holiday Season? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Rebecca Shreiar - Dog Training - Salt Lake City - Chihuahua

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Salt Lake City This week we have two small guests in our home. They needed a place to stay. The dogs’ owner, Angie, is best friend’s with Johanna, the owner of Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Salt Lake City. Angie had a mold infestation in her home and has been staying in a hotel with her human kids. She is planning on moving to a new apartment soon. She is single mom and was not able to have her dogs stay with her at the hotel. Johanna reached out and I saw that Angie needed help. I jumped in and Angie’s two dogs Karma and Princess are staying with me for a few days.  It’s scary to have to leave them behind especially […]

7 Benefits of Taking a Group Obedience Course – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Rottweiler - Group Obedience - Dog Training - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas Is your dog’s behavior driving you crazy? Are you struggling to get your dog to listen? Are you feeling stressed by your dog’s behavior? Many dog owners have a more peaceful household after taking a group obedience courses. You can have this peace of mind too. Here are 7 benefits for taking a group obedience Salt Lake City course. 1.) Your dog will reliably listen to basic obedience commands after you take a course. Imagine a dog that responds to you every time you ask him to perform a command inside your home. 2.) Your friends and family will be impressed by your dog’s good behavior. 3.) You will feel much more peace and happiness when you […]

The Top Dog Training Myths – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Red Heeler - Dog Training- Salt Lake City - How to train a fearful dog

Ultimately you are struggling at getting your dog to listen and you want your dog to listen to you. Through my many years of Salt Lake City dog training, I have learned some common myths that can block peace of mind between you and your dog. Learn about these myths so that your dog will reliably listen to you. 1.) My dog will become dependent on the clicker. Many of our clients resist using the clicker before they meet us because they think they will have to use it forever. A clicker is just a training tool when you are teaching your dog a new behavior. Once your dog is obedient you will no longer need to use the clicker. 2.) Reward-based dog training only works for certain dogs and […]

Does Your Dog Drag You on Leash Walks? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Are you sick of your dog walking you? Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because he pulls so much on the leash? It is time to for you to enjoy your walk with your dog. Let’s teach loose leash walking dog training. Salt Lake City has many beautiful parks to walk your dog on leash, and we want you to enjoy them with your dog. Recently, we worked with a german shepherd that pulled intensely. The owner use to love taking her dog for a walk and began to hate them. We trained together and now her dog pulls so much less. She is learning to train her dog leave it and to be fast with the c/t (click and treat) when the leash is loose. As […]

Help! My Dog Won’t Stay and it is Driving Me Crazy! – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

We understand how frustrating it is when your dog just runs around and won’t “stay.” It drives you crazy. You want to feel more control and peace of mind. We get it. We helped Stacey and Brett with their dog training. Salt Lake City is where they live. We worked on stay so that they could feel more peace at dinnertime. Shelly, their dog, wanted to join her owners for dinner in the kitchen. Stacey and Brett did not want Shelly to join them at dinnertime. They wanted her to stay out of the kitchen peacefully. We began by teaching Shelly a simple stay while they walked away from her. Then we progressed to having your her stay as the owners walked away and sat in their kitchen chairs. From […]

Help! My Dog Blows Me Off and Will Not “Come” When Distracted! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

OMG I totally know the feeling. Your heart drops because your dog ran off and you know he isn’t going to come back. You imagine having to run off after your dog to catch him. You feel embarrassed as people watch you call your dog and see that your dog is not responding. You feel fear that you cannot walk your dog off- leash in Salt Lake City. Dog training, “come,” hasn’t been working for you. You are not alone! I don’t want you to stay here and I have helped out many Salt Lake City dog owners get their dogs to “come” reliably on command. I can help you too! I recently trained Lagertha, a Great Pyrenees to “come” with David Drockton. Lagertha didn’t know how to “come” at all […]

Are You Feeling Stressed By Your Dog’s Bossy Table Manners? Success Story – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Recently, we trained Rigi, a German Short-Haired Pointer owned by Scott Cornwall. Scott came to us with a super hyper active puppy. A cute pup but he didn’t know any of the basics. Rigi basically knew how to call of the shots and was having a blast. He pulled on the leash and jumped like crazy. I really enjoyed training with Scott and Rigi. Scott was very dedicated and committed so he received amazing results and peace of mind quickly. We did sessions on online through Skype and in-person. In the video below we are training Rigi “leave it” which he learned really well.  He shifted from being a super grabby dog to a more patient dog. Scott was very consistent with his dog training. Salt Lake City is where […]

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Training Their Dogs – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Border Collie - Dog Training - Salt Lake City

We wanted to let the secret out and let you know the biggest mistakes that most people make during dog training. Salt Lake City is full of awesome clients of ours that have applied the concepts below with great success. We want you to also know these concepts. Here are the most common mistakes that people make when training their dogs. 1.) They are not consistent. They reward their dogs for pulling on the leash sometimes and not other times. The dog gets confused and doesn’t know when he is allowed to pull on the leash and when he is not. Your dog will do better with obedience if you are consistent with your rules. 2.) They expect fast results without putting in the effort or time.  Training takes practice […]

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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