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Are You Sick of Walking Your Dog On-Leash Because He Won’t Come When He is Off-Leash? – Utah – Dog Training

Do you have a dog that gets distracted easily and blows you off? Does this drive you crazy because you can’t hike in the mountains? You have to have your dog on-leash, and you are sick of it. You want your dog off-leash hiking with you in Salt Lake City. Dog training can resolve this! Let’s create peace of mind and get your dog to come when he is off-leash. Scott Cornwall, a Salt Lake City Dog Training Client of ours trained Rigi with us. Scott wanted to be able to take Rigi outdoors to his cabin each weekend. When he first received Rigi, she didn’t respond to any commands so taking her off-leash wasn’t going to happen. We wanted to ensure that Rigi could begin to come when she […]

Are You Sick of Your Dog Only Listening to You When You Have Treats? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

We know how it is.  You have treats and your dog responds. When you don’t have any your dog ignores you. You feel stressed and feel that your dog is manipulating you. “Grrr…why can’t my dog just listen to me because I so?” is what you might be thinking. You just want your to dog to listen to you period and not always have to give a treat. We get it and you are not alone! Well guess what, it is possible. Scott Cornwall with Rigi who is a Salt Lake City dog training client of ours has gotten Rigi to listen without having to reward him all of the time. We trained many commands with Rigi, but the ones that Rigi learned the fastest were sit, down and target. […]

Are You Frustrated that Your Dog Sniffs too Much on Walks? – Salt Lake City Dog Training

Black Lab - Loose Leash Walking - Salt Lake City - Dog Training

We have worked with many Salt Lake City dog training clients, and a common frustration is how often dogs sniff on walks. We assure you that you can create more peaceful and happy leash walks. Let’s start this now. Surprising sniffing is actually relaxing for dogs and is an important part of being a dog. Dogs have very strong noses. They can even smell people underwater. Expecting them to not sniff on leash walks is not realistic. Instead, we recommend taking a more win-win approach. Create balance on your leash walks with walking forward and taking breaks to sniff. This can be accomplished in many ways. One way is by changing your mind-set. Remember a walk is fun for your dog too. Putting yourself in your dog’s shoes can help […]

Why Does My Dog Perform Certain Behaviors Especially Ones that I Dislike?

As a professional dog trainer with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City we wanted to write a post that many Salt Lake City dog training clients ask about.  Why does my dog perform a certain behavior?  The answer is actually really simple, your dog will perform behaviors that are reinforced.  If your dog is receiving any type of pay-off from performing a behavior, that particular behavior will happen more often.  The behavior can be reinforced in one of the following ways listed below. 1.) You could be reinforcing the behavior.  For example, if your dog jumps on you and you give your dog attention then the jumping can increase in frequency.  The attention can come from looking at your dog, talking to your dog, yelling at your […]

Holidays a Great Time to Reinforce Training with Your Dog

It is easy for us to forget about our dogs or to become overwhelmed at holiday parties.  We tend to put our human guests first.  Your dog is just as important as your guests and training your dog during holiday parties not only helps with the generalization process but it also helps create the household to be more calm and peaceful.  Your dog wants to be included in the fun and training is a great way to create this inclusion.  Obedience training also reinforces the “good” behavior that you want your dog to perform more often.

Why Train Your Dog?

It can be easy as dog owners to put training as a low priority especially if your dog doesn’t have any severe behavioral issues. As a result we wanted to stress the important of performing dog training. Salt Lake City offers many training course options. Below is a list of benefits to help reinforce the importance of training your dog! 1.) Positive reinforcement training increases the bond between you and your dog. Your dog will enjoy learning new material and it should be enjoyable for you to train it. If you are using punishment based training methods we recommend you switch to a positive reinforcement Salt Lake City dog trainer.

Amazing Tips on Creating a Great “Come” or Recall Command

We understand that training “come” can be one of the most difficult commands to train.  As a result, our Salt Lake City Dog Training Company wanted to give you some simple but profound dog training tips to your success.

Create Loose Leash Walking Now!

There are many leash walking tools on the market today.  It can be difficult to know which tools are humane, safe and positive for your dog.  We want people to have fun with walking their dog and with dog training.  Salt Lake City has many places to walk with your dog on leash.  As a result we created a list of the best apparatuses on the market that can lessen leash pulling and create obedience.

The Power of Intention to Create Amazing Dog Training Results

Last week, I wrote a post on how our own internal dialogue can hinder us to move toward our dog training results. I decided to master this dialogue and create successful dog training. Salt Lake City, is a great place to hike. This past Wednesday, I decided to go hiking and put these tools to practice.  My biggest stress is when Seiki is barking in the car. Since he has begun steroids his barking has increased more.  As a result, my internal dialogue goes crazy. When I believe what it says, I get tense and become overwhelmed.  Sometimes I even yell at my dog.  Other times I have slow timing on my rewards for when he is quiet.  The car ride has been a nightmare for all of us!

Creating a Peaceful Environment Between Your Cat and Your Dog

Many of our Salt Lake City dog training clients have cats and dogs that live together.  A current client of mine owns a wonderful dog named, Frankie.  She originally contact me because Frankie was chasing her two cats in the house. The cats no longer feel comfortable coming into the house and now live outside because they feel threatened by Frankie.  The owners have a deep desire to have the cats in the house again! We had talked to one of the owners, Amanda Moore, about some training before we began private sessions.  Amanda attempted to get Frankie to listen to some commands with the cat nearby. Frankie was significantly stressed and unable to respond to those commands around the cat.  As a result, the owners felt lost and contacted […]

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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