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Help! My Dog Won’t Stay and it is Driving Me Crazy! – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

We understand how frustrating it is when your dog just runs around and won’t “stay.” It drives you crazy. You want to feel more control and peace of mind. We get it. We helped Stacey and Brett with their dog training. Salt Lake City is where they live. We worked on stay so that they could feel more peace at dinnertime. Shelly, their dog, wanted to join her owners for dinner in the kitchen. Stacey and Brett did not want Shelly to join them at dinnertime. They wanted her to stay out of the kitchen peacefully. We began by teaching Shelly a simple stay while they walked away from her. Then we progressed to having your her stay as the owners walked away and sat in their kitchen chairs. From […]

Is Your Dog’s Behavior Crazy Around Cats? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Are your frustrated by your dog’s chasing behavior? Does your dog run after cats / other animals and is this stressful for you? You are not alone and we understand how important it is to have peace in mind with your dog. Recently, we trained Shelly to be more calm around cats. Her owner Stacey Cole, is a Salt Lake City dog training client of ours. Stacey called us and was feeling extremely stressed. Her partner and her received a new dog, Shelly, and they loved her. Shelly didn’t know any basic obedience commands and was cornering their cat. Their cat was older and was stressed from being constantly cornered by Shelly. Stacey wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to keep Shelly. They wanted help so that […]

Are You Sick of Walking Your Dog On-Leash Because He Won’t Come When He is Off-Leash? – Utah – Dog Training

Do you have a dog that gets distracted easily and blows you off? Does this drive you crazy because you can’t hike in the mountains? You have to have your dog on-leash, and you are sick of it. You want your dog off-leash hiking with you in Salt Lake City. Dog training can resolve this! Let’s create peace of mind and get your dog to come when he is off-leash. Scott Cornwall, a Salt Lake City Dog Training Client of ours trained Rigi with us. Scott wanted to be able to take Rigi outdoors to his cabin each weekend. When he first received Rigi, she didn’t respond to any commands so taking her off-leash wasn’t going to happen. We wanted to ensure that Rigi could begin to come when she […]

Are You Sick of Your Dog Only Listening to You When You Have Treats? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

We know how it is.  You have treats and your dog responds. When you don’t have any your dog ignores you. You feel stressed and feel that your dog is manipulating you. “Grrr…why can’t my dog just listen to me because I so?” is what you might be thinking. You just want your to dog to listen to you period and not always have to give a treat. We get it and you are not alone! Well guess what, it is possible. Scott Cornwall with Rigi who is a Salt Lake City dog training client of ours has gotten Rigi to listen without having to reward him all of the time. We trained many commands with Rigi, but the ones that Rigi learned the fastest were sit, down and target. […]

Help! My Dog Blows Me Off and Will Not “Come” When Distracted! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

OMG I totally know the feeling. Your heart drops because your dog ran off and you know he isn’t going to come back. You imagine having to run off after your dog to catch him. You feel embarrassed as people watch you call your dog and see that your dog is not responding. You feel fear that you cannot walk your dog off- leash in Salt Lake City. Dog training, “come,” hasn’t been working for you. You are not alone! I don’t want you to stay here and I have helped out many Salt Lake City dog owners get their dogs to “come” reliably on command. I can help you too! I recently trained Lagertha, a Great Pyrenees to “come” with David Drockton. Lagertha didn’t know how to “come” at all […]

Are You Feeling Stressed By Your Dog’s Bossy Table Manners? Success Story – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Recently, we trained Rigi, a German Short-Haired Pointer owned by Scott Cornwall. Scott came to us with a super hyper active puppy. A cute pup but he didn’t know any of the basics. Rigi basically knew how to call of the shots and was having a blast. He pulled on the leash and jumped like crazy. I really enjoyed training with Scott and Rigi. Scott was very dedicated and committed so he received amazing results and peace of mind quickly. We did sessions on online through Skype and in-person. In the video below we are training Rigi “leave it” which he learned really well.  He shifted from being a super grabby dog to a more patient dog. Scott was very consistent with his dog training. Salt Lake City is where […]

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Training Their Dogs – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Border Collie - Dog Training - Salt Lake City

We wanted to let the secret out and let you know the biggest mistakes that most people make during dog training. Salt Lake City is full of awesome clients of ours that have applied the concepts below with great success. We want you to also know these concepts. Here are the most common mistakes that people make when training their dogs. 1.) They are not consistent. They reward their dogs for pulling on the leash sometimes and not other times. The dog gets confused and doesn’t know when he is allowed to pull on the leash and when he is not. Your dog will do better with obedience if you are consistent with your rules. 2.) They expect fast results without putting in the effort or time.  Training takes practice […]

Are You Constantly Focused on Your Dog’s Bad Behavior and Is Your Dog’s Bad Behavior Driving You Nuts? – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Johanna Teresi and Jarrad Haslam - Dog Training - Salt Lake City

A few weeks ago, I got into a huge fight with my parents. My shoulders and neck tighten in pain. I felt I was no longer safe in the arms of my family. Everything seemed unpredictable and I had no idea what was going to happen next. Were we going to forgive each other or was more fighting going to continue? More pain grew in my chest. My chest ached with grief. All happy possibilities seem to end. I took Iris to visit her dad in Utah. I stayed in Utah for two weeks near Salt Lake City. Dog Training of course is how I spent my time with my clients. I also decided to work on healing myself. I set up an appointment with Jarrad Haslam at A New Direction, […]

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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