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Why Reward-Based Training?

The technical term for reward-based training is positive reinforcement.  When your dog performs a behavior and you reward your dog with something he/she likes, then that behavior is more likely to occur again.  After consistently rewarding the dog, you gradually lessen the reward, and before long the unrewarded behavior is second nature to the dog!

What’s the wrong way to train?        

Unfortunately, our society tends to focus on negative behaviorFrom the time we are children to the time we reach adulthood, we are always told about our mistakes and shortcomings.  After a while, we start to have many negative thoughts in our heads about ourselves and about others.  Is that a happy way to live?  Most people would agree that it’s not.  Fortunately, there are many positive individuals who keep reminding us of those jobs we do right.  Thank goodness for awesome friends!

Now let’s consider this matter from the dog’s perspective. If you keep yelling “No don’t chew on that!,” “Stop pulling,” “Don’t bark,” why would the dog want to listen to you?  We listen to people who we can trust and who can give us positive feedback.

How to train correctly

As a trainer it is my goal to teach you how you can focus on the things that your dog is doing right.  You can then give your dog a treat, a pet, some praise, or a toy.  As a result, you will become a friend to your dog, and he/she will want to be near you and please you.  So please stop the excessive “no’s” and harsh punishments.  Give me a call, and let me show you how to build a fun and trusting relationship with your dog!

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Why Do I Need To Train My Dog?

The number one reason is to build trust and a great relationship with your dog!  Start training now!  A puppy can start learning as young as 7 weeks, and an old dog is still able to learn new tricks!

My dog already behaves so why do I need to train?

1.) Training prevents numerous behavioral problems from developing later in your dog’s life such as: excessive barking, jumping, chewing, pulling you down the sidewalk, aggression (guarding food, biting other dogs, biting people, etc.).

2.) Training prevents your dog from getting bored.  Just like people, dogs need mental stimulation!

3.) You can impress your friends and visitors!  Tricks can be fun at a party!

4.) Training can teach you how to read your dog’s behavior better so that you know what he/she is trying to say to you!

5.) Training can prevent your dog from becoming euthanized.  Many dogs are returned to shelters and are then euthanized because the dogs developed behavioral problems due to a lack of training.

Help! My dog doesn’t listen!

1.) Your dog will want to listen to you instead of  wanting to disobey.

2.) Training can prevent your dog from getting lost, because your dog knows how to come at the drop of a dime!

3.) Training can lessen your frustration!  Your dog will now listen to you!

4.) Training can teach you how to read your dog’s behavior so that you know what he/she is trying to say to you!

5.) Training can, of course, correct behavioral problems that you are having with your dog such as aggression, separation anxiety, house soiling, chewing, barking, jumping, leash pulling, etc.

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