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Do you feel stressed or embarrassed because your puppy cannot sit?

This is such a common command that when our dogs or pups don’t know it, we can feel ashamed or feel as if something is wrong. We get it. You are not alone.

In fact, I just trained two older dogs this past week to sit. They didn’t know the command and one of them even had trouble even offering a sit. She just wanted to stand.

So let’s create your dog to sit now. We will help you with your Salt Lake City puppy training.

One method is to use a lure. Put a treat in your hand. Touch your hand to your puppy’s muzzle.

Then move your hand straight backward and down toward the floor. The movement of your hand will look like an upside down “L.”

As your puppy follows the treat, he will move a bit back and then feel the urge to put his bum to the floor. Once his bum touches the floor c/t (click and treat).

Repeat this until your puppy readily follows your hand motion and sits. Once this happens, say the command “sit” right before you lure your puppy.

Now you are on the right foot for Salt Lake City puppy training.

You can also use another method called behavior catching. You wait until your puppy sits randomly on his own. When he does c/t (click and treat).

Because you are rewarding the sit, your puppy will begin to sit more often. When you are able to predict that your puppy is going to sit, say the command right before he does.

Both of the above methods will help your puppy understand the meaning of the word “sit.”

If you still need help with Salt Lake City puppy training there are many reward-based trainers that you can check out.

We also have our own group puppy classes, and we definitely cover sit.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Salt Lake City, Puppy Training

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Salt Lake City

It is that time of year of again with the 4th of July and Pioneer Day. The big bangs and booms can scare many dogs.

This is the time of year that people forget about safety with their dogs, and they easily lose them.

Their dog runs off because he is stressed and wants to get away from all of the noise. In their frenzy most of them cannot find their way back home.

As a result, we wanted to write about what you can do personally to ensure safety with your dog this time of year. Obedience (Salt Lake City) has very little to do with whether your dog will run off or not.

It has more to do with the precautions that you take personally with your dog.

Remember to do the following. You won’t regret it. Your dog will appear to be practicing obedience. Salt Lake City dog owners will know it has more to do with proper education than obedience.

1.) Keep your dog indoors. If your dog is scared, he will figure out how to get out of the fence in your yard.

Once he is out you may never see him again. He isn’t in his right mind when he is scared.

2.) If you are going to a picnic away from your home, you are better off leaving your dog at home than bringing him with you. If you bring him with you someone can accidentally let your dog out.

Remember your dog may know to wait at the door because he practices obedience. However, if he is scared enough he will run out quickly and unexpectedly.

3.) Do not leave your dog with someone that isn’t aware of dog behavior. A friend, neighbor or family member may have good intentions but if they are not aware of how scared a dog can be with fireworks, they may make mistakes and lose your dog.

5.) Help your dog remain calm at home by practicing the following: try a thundershirt, rescue remedy or play classical music.

6.) Avoid the fireworks entirely by taking your dog high up in the mountains and go for a hike. I did this all the time with dog because Seiki, hated fireworks. He had a blast and never had to hear them 🙂

If you want to learn more about how to your dog calm and safe with fireworks, hire a professional that can help you with obedience. Salt Lake City has many options.

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City is partnering with Alyssa Giles, who can personally help you.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LL, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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Alyssa Giles, Bachelors Psychology, Salt Lake City, Dog Trainer

How Did You Get Started in Salt Lake City Dog Training? 

As expected, I grew up with dogs and was the one in my family most interested in training them. I had a variety of other pets (cats, a ferret, and rodents).

As a teen. I regularly volunteered for a local animal shelter. I loved working with animals and was sure I’d be a veterinarian. My passion shifted to Salt Lake City dog training as I grew older.

What Is Your Education?

I attended Utah State University. Initially I had an interest in Wildlife Science. After, I attending classes on behaviorism was hooked!

I quickly switched my major to Psychology, worked with Dr. Carl Cheney, and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2008. Animal behavior became my passion. As a result, Utah dog training suited me well.

How Long Have You Been Doing Dog Training (Salt Lake City)?

I’ve been training since 2008. I started a part-time dog training business with a full time job at the Cache Humane Society located in Davis County in Utah.

I became a manager here and I helped with Utah dog training here. In 2014 I moved to the Salt Lake area as a single mom and had to switch careers to care for my daughter.

Mid-2018, I joined Johanna’s family at Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City. However, I have known Johanna for over 10 years. I couldn’t be happier to live my dream!

What Are Your Specialties in Dog Training (Salt Lake City)?

Dog body language and communication is a particular interest of mine, as is the science of reward/punishment. I love being a detective to discover the underlying causes for behavior in order to bring about permanent change to bring peace to the whole family.

I love to continue my education and primarily use social media to keep up with the newest research, ideas, and innovations in dog training. Salt Lake City has been a fun place for me to practice much of this knowledge that I have learned from college and through my owner personal research.

What locations do You serve for Salt Lake City Dog Training?

I am currently doing group dog Salt Lake City dog training courses with Four Legged Scholars LLC.

For private training the locations that training can be held varies. I will serve Clearfield, Syracuse, Layton, Riverdale, Roy, Ogden, Kaysville, Farmington, Centerville, Bountiful, Woods Cross, North Salt Lake, the Capital Hill area, the Avenues area, South Salt Lake City, Millcreek area, Sugarhouse area, Murray, Holladay, West Valley City, Midvale, Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Davis County, Weber County, and more.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you to feel hope, happiness, and peace in your home and in your relationships with your furry friends!

Alyssa Giles – Salt Lake City – Dog Trainer

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – Salt Lake City

This is a common question that I get asked often. You get a puppy and then you wonder when is the best time to start training him? Can you start training too early or too late?

For you, it is best to start training your puppy at 8 weeks of age. Your puppy learn so fast when he is young and it is easier to teach him good behavior than to have to change old / bad habits.

When I work with an adult dog that has bad habits sometimes it can take years for that behavior to shift. When the puppy is young he can learn new behavior within weeks and sometimes days.

So save yourself the headache and begin puppy training. Salt Lake City has many options for puppy classes, and we highly recommend that you start with a class.

A class allows your puppy to learn all of the basic commands and preps your puppy for some socialization. Your puppy needs to be put in new environments, meet new people, meet known and friendly dogs, climb obstacles, and be around unusual objects (skis, wheelchairs, camp fires, etc.).

Acclimate your pup to things that he will see on a day to day basis as he gets older and make the introduction positive.

Many people wait to long to begin puppy training. Salt Lake City veterinarians sometimes recommend that a puppy wait to start a classes until he is vaccinated. It is important to NOT wait. T

he American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behavior has done tons of research on this. By the time your puppy is fully vaccinated the critical socialization window is closed or almost closed. Not good. You want to take puppy class BEFORE this window is closed.

When looking for a puppy training class, Salt Lake City has good and bad options. A good option is a class that teaches reward-based dog training. Salt Lake City has many positive reinforcement dog trainers.

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Puppy Training, Salt Lake City has a class starting tomorrow. We would love to have your pup in this class!

Johanna Teresi and Alyssa Giles, Salt Lake City, Puppy Trainers, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Puppy Training, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Are you struggling with getting your dog to follow your command? Do you hate how your dog ignores you? We know how you feel. Let us help you.

The number one ingredient to your success is commitment toward your dog training. Salt Lake City owners can know all of the training tools in the world and if commitment is not present then their dog will never listen to them.

How do you formulate commitment? Many of us know that commitment is important. Knowing this is different from actually doing it.

For example, I am suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain. I am going to a chiropractor. He told me that I have to do my exercises daily on my own or results will not be seen.

That is common sense. The question is did I follow through with it? The answer is yes. How did I get committed?

Here are some tools to make commitment strong for you.

1.) Have someone help you be accountable. If you have to follow through with daily exercise or dieting alone, you will be less likely to follow through.

A friend can help you be accountable because you dog train together daily or they text you daily. Hiring a professional is an option too.

They will help you follow through with your dog training. Salt Lake City has Four Legged Scholars LLC that is awesome at creating accountability.

2.) Be motivated. If you are not motivated your commitment will be lower. For example, I am motivated to do my exercises that my chiropractor recommends daily because if I don’t want to be in pain.

The motivation to be pain-free is strong for me. Establish a strong motivator to train your dog.

Examples: I want to feel comfortable that my dog will come reliably when hiking. I want to feel safe that my dog isn’t going to bite someone. I want to enjoy my leash walks. Etc.

3.) Remind yourself of your motivator daily. Pairing the dog training with a consistent activity will help remind you to do it. I do my exercises at night before bed or in the AM. I never forget then.

4.) Continual follow through is important. An accountability partner can help you with that. When we sell programs for dog training, Salt Lake City owners pay for the program up front. We don’t allow payment plans.

This ensures that the owner is going to complete. If the owner has to constantly re-enroll into the program by paying money they have to move their money fears multiple times.

Paying up front allows the owners to move through their money fears one time and then take the plunge to move through any and all obstacles to ensure completion.

If step 4 is hard for you then it is time to invest money up front with a dog trainer. Salt Lake City has many positive reinforcement options.

5.) Track your training. Writing things down helps you see progress. It is scientifically proven to help create faster results.

Write down what you do everyday or create a training chart. This will help you reach your goal.

We want you to be success with your dog training. Salt Lake City clients of ours have journals to track training progress.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Are you stressed because your dog doesn’t listen to you? We understand how you feel.

Help is here, right now, for you.

We currently have a new trainer, Alyssa Walker (soon to be Giles), that is awesome and is happy to help you get your dog to listen now.

Alyssa Walker and I have been friends for over ten years. I have wanted her to partner with Four Legged Scholars – Dog Training – Salt Lake City for quite some time.

Alyssa has wanted too as well. Things weren’t aligning and finally alignment happened. Alyssa is now a training partner with us.

Alyssa has much experience with dog training and behavior. She graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors in Psychology in 2008.

Her main focus was on how animals learned and she studied much about animal psychology. At this time, animal behavior became her passion.

Of course knowing this helps so much with dog training. Salt Lake City owners will be grateful to have a trainer that is so knowledgeable and helpful.

As a result, she started her own dog training business in 2008. She helped many owners to get their dogs to listen.

She worked on training dogs to settle, walk nicely on leash, to become more confident (less fearful), to be a happier around people / dogs (less aggressive or fearful).

She also began volunteering at the Cache Humane Society. Then she was hired as an office manager for 3 years from 2010-2013. Here she did the following:

1) Worked with the staff on shelter protocols for training and enrichment.

2) Developed educational materials for pet owners on behavior and dog training. Salt Lake City will now benefit from this knowledge.

3) Taught DoggoneSafe’s Be A Tree bite prevention program at the humane society’s kids’ camp.

4) Fostered a number of animals, including a German Shepherd and a Coydog (coyote/dog hybrid).

5) Helped clients choose the right dog for their situation and family life.

Once Alyssa had her daughter she took a break from dog training. However, her passion never left. When she found out that I had an available spot for a trainer she jumped on it.

Alyssa is determined, passionate, kind-hearted and knowledgeable. I have every confidence that she can help you with your dog.

Currently, she is working with a Libby, a german shepherd, that is fearful around other dogs and humans.

Alyssa is helping Libby to become more confident and calm through dog training. Salt Lake City is lucky to have Alyssa back into the dog training business.

Welcome aboard Alyssa Walker. We are blessed to have such awesome trainers that can help you at Four Legged Scholars – Dog Training – Salt Lake City.

Johanna Teresi, Owner of Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Salt Lake City

Are you struggling with a puppy that has so much energy that he is driving you nuts? This is a common issue. We want to help you so that you feel more peace with your puppy.

First, you want to make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercise. If this is something that you are struggling with see if a friend or dog walker can help walk your dog.

It is a good idea to use someone who is also willing to work on obedience. Salt Lake City has plenty of places where your puppy can be walked, and it is good idea that good behavior is rewarded on the walk.

Second, it is a good idea to give your puppy plenty of enrichment opportunities to occupy his time. I recommend feeding your puppy all of his kibble in a toy. This could be in a treat ball or cube.

The buster cube works really well.  You can also check out Outward Hound. They have many products where the puppy has to work to get his meal by doing a puzzle.

Even though toys have nothing to do with obedience, Salt Lake City owners will be impressed by how much these toys can occupy their puppies for quite a bit of time.

Third, it is a great idea to give your puppy plenty of items to chew. These items should change every day to every other day.

These can include: Kongs with frozen peanut butter, cow hooves, bully sticks, elk antlers, pig ears, femur bones, etc.

Fourth, it is a great idea to get your puppy into a puppy training class. If your dog learns how to channel is energy through obedience, Salt Lake City friends will be impressed by how calm your puppy appears.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Obedience Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Do you wish that your dog would just listen to you all of the time? We understand, and your dog can learn to listen to you. We are here to help you create just that!

There are many methods and techniques that can be used during dog training. Salt Lake City has a variety of trainers that train in many different ways. In fact, many of them a strong advocates for shock collars.

These trainers will tell you many positive reasons shock collars work and that they are safe for your dog. Most of they tell you are myths and are not proven through science.

At Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training (Salt Lake City), we believe knowledge is power. As a result, we wanted to educate you about the myths of shock collars.

1.) They are awesome in training your dog to “come” when called. False. Imagine running away from your parents as a child and getting spanked. You have absolutely no positive incentive to “want” to come to your parents.

If you do come to your parents it is probably due to fear of a painful spanking. Do you really want you dog to come because he is scared of getting shocked?

Also your dog has no way of knowing what to do instead. If you reward your dog with “super yummy” treats like hamburger, your dog will now have a positive incentive to come to you. He will want to come to you and will feel happy.

As a child, if your parents rewarded you with treats, toys, praise, you would trust your parents. You would come to your parents because you get fun rewards and because you trust (feel safe) with them.

2.) A shock collar isn’t that painful for your dog and your dog won’t be shocked that many times so your dog will be fine. False.

The shock hurts and this is why your dog stops what he is doing. Some dogs may be so scared of the pain that they actually freeze in their tracks. This is called “learn helplessness.”

A dog in this state is incapable of learning because they are so stressed-out.

3.) You can train your dog quickly with shock collars. False.

Science has actually proven that dogs learn faster when they are trained through rewards. This is because they actually feel safe and their emotions are more grounded. They are not fearing pain.

There are some other things to be aware of when thinking of using a shock collar:

4.) A dog can become dependent on them. If by chance they actually do work for you, your dog will only listen when he is wearing it. If you forgot the shock collar, you have no control over dog.

When you use reward-based training your dog will actually begin to listen to you without food so if you forget the food no big deal. I think this is crucial in dog training. Salt Lake City has many areas that you can hike.

Loosing your dog in the mountains is very scary so a reliable “come” is important.

5.) If you still are wanting to use a shock collar, science has also proven that shock collars can increase “bad behavior” which includes aggression and fear.

Do you really want your dog to start biting people or start developing phobias because you chose to train your dog this way?

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a great article on why reward-based training is so important.

Trust me there are many ways to train your dog in a positive fashion.

Fortunately, there are many trainers that use reward-based dog training. Salt Lake City has many choices check this link for positive Salt lake City dog trainers.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Salt Lake City

Are you stressed because your dog barks on walks? We understand the stress. Let’s help you create peace of mind now so you can enjoy your walks again!

I absolutely love the LAT (look at that) command, and it is super simple to use. When your dog wants to bark he will generally form an alert body posture. His ears and tail are up and forward.

His body will also be stiff and his eyes are fixated on an object or sound. This is the time that obedience is crucial. Salt Lake City dog owners have found clicking during this alert body posture can create your dog to look back toward you for a treat.

You are actually telling your dog “good job” for not barking when you click during the alert. So in other words you are only clicking if your dog is quiet. If your dog won’t look back when you click, your dog is too stressed to learn this alternate behavior.

Start in less distracting areas or set up your own distractions at home. This could be a person running in your house, a barking dog online, a treat on the floor, etc.

Make sure your dog is on leash so that you can control how far away your dog is from the distraction. When you are far enough away your dog will leasily look back when you click.

Practice this with multiple distractions until your dog readily performs the quiet behavior in the environment that you are wanting.

Now enjoy your leash walks because your dog is practicing obedience. Salt Lake City has many dog friendly areas where you can have fun with your dog.

Johanna Teresi, Obedience, Salt Lake City Trainer with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Salt Lake City

Are you struggling with a dog that is stubborn? We know how frustrating this can be. We assure you that we can help you.

It doesn’t start with obedience. Salt Lake City dog trainers generally start with focusing on the “bad behavior.”

I want to start with a personal experience of “listening”. My daughter, Iris, is now 4 years old. She struggles at times with feeling her emotions in a healthy manner and sometimes hits me, slams the door etc.

The other day she was so upset that she yelled, hit me, ran upstairs and slammed her bedroom door. I knocked on the door and said calmly “what are you so upset about?”

She was struggling with the words at age 4. After asking a few questions and putting myself in her shoes, I was able to determine that she didn’t want to go daycare and wanted to play with grandma and grandpa.

Even though I couldn’t grant her this wish, I was able to full hear what she had to say.  We than came up with some ways that daycare could be fun.

Before I knew it she was off and ready to go. Of course we discussed more appropriate ways to feel her emotions as well.

My daughter isn’t just going to stopped hitting me or slamming the door just because I tell her “stop it!”.

Her behavior will change once she feels heard and her emotions are honored.  Once she feels heard and calms down then she can hear what I have to say about her behavior.

Dogs are the same way. You have to look at the whole picture. If your dog jumps on and you say “no.” You haven’t listened, and it will be harder to change their behavior.

If you understand that your dog is communicating that he wants attention and exercise you have somewhere to start. Eventually, you will be on your way to obedience. Salt Lake City will become a more peaceful place for the both of you.

When you have fully heard your dog’s needs and met them, he will begin to listen to you.  To change the jumping behavior you can take your dog out and exercise him more.

Then you give your dog more attention when he is NOT jumping on you such as when he is calm and sitting.

Just focusing on the bad behavior will get you nowhere. You will struggle with your dog or child and constantly fight. Trust will be broken as well.

So remember to listen. From there you can create “good” obedience. Salt Lake City friends will be impressed on how your dog now listens to you every time because you listened to him.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Obedience Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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Nicholas and Jeannie Bieber with Broc (Jack Russell Terrier)
Our dogs had problems when we began training with jumping on people at the door and barking. After training with Johanna they improved 90%. We would recommend Johanna Teresi to anyone. She is a great dog trainer.
Helen Hodgdon with Finn (Australian Shepherd)
My Dog Finn and I had a great time in Johanna’s ‘Tricks’ class. We both learned a lot and Finn is pulling tricks on me all the time. The clicker training method used was very effective!
LuAnn Burke with Brittany (Brittany Spaniel)
Johanna is The Best. By the time she has spent time with you and your dog through training the bond that you make with your dog lasts a lifetime. The bond my Brittany and I have is stronger than any other relationship I have…..A soul mate. We know each others thoughts by just looking in each other’s eyes. She totally trusts me. I love it.
Tawni Hanseen and Todd Harman with Sadie (Yellow Labrador)
Johanna is amazing! She has helped us better understand our dog Sadie and has taught us how to get Sadie to do what we want. She even makes training fun. We live together much more peacefully now thanks to Johanna teaching us how to get Sadie’s attention. We would be lost without her. Thanks Johanna!