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The Aggressive or Fearful Dog – Serving Any Location Including Salt Lake City & Ogden

Are you scared that your dog may hurt others or yourself?  Is your dog stubborn and high strung?  Is your dog scared often?  We can help you and your dog gain peace.

We Understand Your Pain and Fears.

  • your dog’s behavior is extremely stressful and running your day to day life.

  • you have worked with other trainers and haven’t gotten results.
  • you want to keep your dog and you know you cannot if you cannot change your dog’s behavior.

  • you have been advised to not keep your dog & are committed to dog training.

We Assure You That Private Online Dog Training Gets Better Results Than In Person…

  • If we personally come to your home in Salt Lake City, we maybe a trigger to your dog, which makes it much harder to teach you. When we work online, we can easily coach you without stressing your dog.
  • We can easily teach the training techniques that you need to learn through videos of our past Salt Lake City clients training their dogs. This also allows you to see the terminal behaviors that we are aiming toward.

  • Watching videos of your dog is a great to learn how to read your dog’s behavior. You will be required to record homework videos. Screen sharing them will allow us watch them live together.

  • The homework videos that you record increases accountability and results. We will screen share them to give you precise feedback.

  • Easy dog training step will easily be demonstrated live through Zoom. The homework will also be written for you to review later online.

  • Receive the Zoom recordings. Your whole family will be up to date with the dog training and will be consistent with the dog training methods.

  • Less drive time allows for flexible scheduling and frees up more time for additional training support from us.

  • We get to see your dog’s true behavior in your Utah home and you get to stay in your home. No driving needed.

Utah Dog Aggression Training for Any City Including Salt Lake City

Are you struggling with a dog that barks, lunges or acts aggressively when people come into your home in Salt Lake City?

Does your dog barks, lunge or react towards strange people or dogs on leash walks?

Is your dog growling or protecting his / her food, bones or toys from other people?

We can help change your dog’s emotional response by pairing these triggers / stressors with positivity. This includes petting, treats, praise and treats. This is called counter conditioning.

Overtime, your dog will be more relaxed, happy and calm around other dogs, people, or food that your dog wanted to guard.

Fearful Dog Training Serving Salt Lake City and Any Location  

Is your dog nervous or panicky around noises?

Does your dog feel fear at the veterinarian?

Do certain people or dogs cause your dog to feel scared?

When you leave your home is your dog stressed?

With reward-based training or positive reinforcement, we can easily help your dog understand that good things happen in their lives as they gradually move through their fears.

Your dog will increase his or trust in you and his or her confidence will build.



    I adopted an extremely fearful dog April 2022, so much that she didn’t leave her kennel for 48hrs.

    I had looked up ways to make her more comfortable and lower her anxiety, but everything was either for aggressive or dogs that already trusted their people (and took treats easily/willingly) I called 3 or 4 other trainers before going with Four Legged Scholars.

    Each one said that I needed her more comfortable with me first. Johanna told me that we could work with Juniper to start trusting me more and that it could be part of our training. With everything personalized to work for both Juniper and Me.

    I signed up for online one-on-one sessions.

    The difference in Juniper is amazing, she is much happier and confident. Rescuing her has been one of the hardest things I’ve done and I’m so glad that Johanna was there to help me through it!


    Devon Fischer (Border Collie) – Online Private Fearful Dog Training -Salt Lake City, Utah

    We have a large family, including three big dogs. So when our biggest dog Obi, the Rottweiler, started showing aggression we panicked.

    The vet suggested we put him down after an experience in the office. He then said we could also try training and gave us Johanna’s business card. Just a phone call with her made us feel like there was hope.

    We signed up to do the online sessions with FourLeggedScholars. The process from the first contact to the last was well oiled and very helpful. Obi gets to stay with our family now and we feel like meting with her has given us the guidance and knowledge we need to keep our family, friends and him safe.

    I was a tad worried about doing the training online, but it really worked out great and we were able to fit such a big task into our busy schedules. I feel like she set us up for success from the very beginning. Thank you.

     Angel Lanoy (Rottweiler) – Online Private Aggressive Dog Training – Layton, Utah

    As a first time dog owner, I felt at a loss about how to manage my very vocal, scared, stressed, yet loveable dog. She had all of the typical puppy behavior, such as jumping, nipping/biting, leash pulling, as well as barking.

    On top of that, she was also not able to be alone without feeling terrified, as well as vocally and behaviorally reactive to other dogs, adults, and kids. I felt completely overwhelmed and Johanna created programs that felt manageable and doable. Each training session, I felt understood and empowered working with Johanna.

    Over the course of our programs, I felt that we accomplished the steps of the training process, strengthened the dog-human relationship, and increased my own awareness of my dog’s emotional cues so that I could better work with her.

    My dog can now be on her own feeling relaxed and playful, her problematic puppy behaviors have significantly improved, she can walk on her leash loosely, listen to commands, and she can better tolerate other adults, dogs, and children as compared to where we first started. Our online experience was very positive.

    Megan Maxwell (Miniature Australian Shepherd) – Online Private Separation Anxiety Dog Training -Sandy, Utah

    Our rescue dog is sweet and playful with us, but her behavior around other dogs and people could be unpredictable. She would act aggressively around adults (lunging and barking), and would sometimes be aggressive toward other dogs. We chose to do online training with Johanna.

    I was skeptical that online training would work, but it ended up being very effective. Johanna taught me the skills I needed to train my dog, and provided resources that I could use throughout the week as I worked on the assigned tasks. I was also able to send her videos of me working with my dog, so she could provide feedback and help me improve.

    Johanna personalized the program and made changes as needed to ensure that I could meet my goals. Since working with Four Legged Scholars, neighbors have commented on how much better behaved my dog is, and I don’t have to worry about her lunging and barking at people or other dogs when we are out for a walk anymore. We still have a lot of work to do with our dog, and I feel like doing the personalized online sessions with Johanna has given me the knowledge, and resources to continue training my dog.

    Emily Harward (Shepherd Mix) –  Online Private Reactive Dog Training – Murray, Utah

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