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Doggie Success Stories – Salt Lake City and Ogden Dog Training

"Johanna is The Best. By the time she has spent time with you and your dog through training the bond that you make with your dog lasts a lifetime. The bond my Brittany and I have is stronger than any other relationship I have.....A soul mate. We know each others thoughts by just looking in each other's eyes. She totally trusts me. I love it."

- LuAnn Burke with Brittany (Brittany Spaniel)

Beginner Obedience Class:

“Thanks Johanna I have to tell you how excited Creston is to start working with Timp. We love all the tools you gave us Timp is responding well.. I even got him to LISTEN to me today.. The walk we took last nite we started out with using the treats and once we got out of the appartments he walked along the side of Crest…on like an angel.. THANK THANK THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you!!”

– Robin Higgs Sego with Tippanogos (Golden Retriever) – West Jordan – Dog Training

Cocker Spaniel - Dog Training - Salt Lake City“Johanna’s love for her canine clients is evident from the first moment she interacts with a pet. She truly celebrates their learning with them every time they reach a new milestone. Sometimes when she is working with Ginger and me, I like to step into the

next room for a moment (on some pretense or another) just to listen to her encouraging conversations with Ginger. Like anyone who is truly passionate about what they do, Johanna is creative, patient, humane and full of energy for every training session she has with us. Ginger and I both light up when we see her coming up the front steps! We both know that the fun of learning and the joy of accomplishment are about to begin.”

– Terri Holbrooke with Ginger (Cocker Spaniel) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

“Jasper, Benny, Oliver and I say you are the BEST, Johanna!!  We had a great time with you today and learned so much!!  Thank you so much for such clear, positive instruction with so much love!”

– Marla Bosko (Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, and Terrier Mix) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

“I was very happy with the training that you did with Scout and myself.  We still remember what we learned and look at that as a solid foundation for future training.”

– Jim Palamides with Scout (Standard Poodle) – Sandy – Dog Training

“I had lots of fun training my puppy, who has shaped up well.”

– Kathleen Stone (Age 11) with Aiko (Terrier Mix) – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Labradoodle - How to train sit - Salt Lake City - Dog Training“It was enjoyable, not only for the dog, but the owner.  It’s always fun to watch and compare your dog and other dogs progress over time… and the play sessions are always fun too.”

– Jessica Brooks with Cooper (Goldendoodle) – Salt Lake City (Capital Hill) – Dog Training

“Our dogs had problems when we began training with jumping on people at the door and barking.  After training with Johanna they improved 90%.  We would recommend Johanna Teresi to anyone.  She is a great dog trainer.”

– Nicholas and Jeannie Bieber with Broc (Jack Russell Terrier) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

“Johanna worked with us one on one to make sure we were absorbing what she was teaching us in order to accomplish the goals we had set for training. She is a great and patient teacher, demonstrating and working through each of the steps necessary repetitiously until she was comfortable seeing that we were making progress.”

– Peggy Blackman with Jack (Shi-Tzu) – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

How to train loose leash walking - Salt Lake City - Dog Training“We loved it!  I’m so impressed with how much he learned and the level of improvement from beginning to end.”

– Kelsey Landry with Jones (Australian Shepherd Mix) – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

“The information has been invaluable. We have been able to apply it at home, at the park, and different public places.”

– Christopher Sklute and Adam Renstrom with Zoe (Anatolian Shepherd / Akbash Mix) – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Trick Class:

“My Dog Finn and I had a great time in Johanna’s ‘Tricks’ class. We both learned a lot and Finn is pulling tricks on me all the time.  The clicker training method used was very effective!”

– Helen Hodgdon with Finn (Australian Shepherd) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Aggression or Fear with other dogs and humans:

“Johanna really understands dog behavior and training. She helped us with our very shy rescue border collie to set him up for success with learning to be less fearful around people. Johanna works to understand your goals along with your dogs specific needs and creates a step by step plan to achieve them. We had a great experience.”

– Michelle Geis, Salt Lake City, Dog Training

“After going through 2 other trainers who did more damage than good, we finally found Johanna Teresi at Four Legged Scholars. Johanna uses only positive training methods and has a vast knowledge of dog behavior/psychology. We have two dogs (one that is very neurotic) that started fighting (among other issues). These fights accelerated until it was almost a daily occurrence. When we started meeting friends and family anywhere but our house, we decided we needed help. Johanna came to our house, helped us to understand what was going on, set some goals with us and gave us detailed instructions to accomplish these goals. When my neurotic dog decided he was going to be scared of the clicker, Johanna immediately changed her methods to make him comfortable. When my other dog was so hard to motivate, she was so patient and explored many things to get his attention. When my husband and I would get frustrated, she would re-route that frustration into a calmness that allowed us to be able to train in a loving, successful way. Johanna Teresi has given us so many tools to make our house a much more pleasant place where we can now have friends and family over.”

Jennifer and Dave Padgen with Lou and Pete (Pointer Mix and Schnauzer Mix) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

“Johanna is amazing! She has helped us better understand our dog Sadie and has taught us how to get Sadie to do what we want. She even makes training fun. We live together much more peacefully now thanks to Johanna teaching us how to get Sadie’s attention. We would be lost without her. Thanks Johanna!”

– Tawni Hanseen and Todd Harman with Sadie (Yellow Labrador) – Millcreek – Dog Training

“When I rescued Piper, a 4-year-old deaf Border collie/Aussie mix with 4 years worth of anxiety issues, I knew that positive reinforcement training was the only way I would be able to make any progress with her behavior.  Thanks to Johanna’s Anxiety and Aggression class, Piper has since become a confident, sociable, and well-adjusted member of society.”

– Ellen Hardy with Piper (Border Collie Mix) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

“Johanna helped give me the tools to work with my aggressive little yorkie (that thought he was a rottweiler). I will always keep one eye on him but I now know what Luigi is capable of and what we learned will stay with us. You can teach an old dog new tricks!!!”

– Sharon Maglietti with Luigi (Yorkshire Terrier) – South Salt Lake City – Dog Training 

“She has been a real lifesaver! She has come to my home so patiently, week after week, trying to get me to learn the behaviors that I need to live happily with Silly Billy and Gus. She has been extremely prompt, professional and knowledgeable. She encourages me when I get discouraged, is optimistic when I feel down, and has generally become a real friend.”

– Paula Carl with Silly Billy (Pointer Mix) and Princess Gus (Border Collie) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Obedience Dog Training - Salt Lake City“As I was learning to train Sammy, there were times I felt lost and hesitant. Johanna easily noticed this hesitancy and helped shift my energy so that Sammy and my energy field’s were in alignment. I noticed when my attitude and my emotions were playful, I was able to manifest a faster response with Sammy’s behavior.”

– Phillip Blevins with Sammy (Pit Bull) – Salt Lake City (Avenues) – Dog Training

“The biggest thing for me was the difference in our walks.  I am more comfortable and I see that he is happier.  It is amazing the shift that was created in just 10 weeks of training.” Then just two weeks after our last session: “He seems to be doing a lot better, especially on his walks which makes me very happy.  He is finally letting my dad hold him so that makes both of them very happy!  And my sister Stefanie even took him into a store the other day and he did not bark at any strangers and let a woman come up to him and pet him!  I am truly amazed with the little guy.  He also is getting more comfortable with strangers in fewer visits which I am really stoked about! We are still working on getting him more comfortable with strangers and dogs on our walks, and we are still working on the commands.  He is barking less at the window now which I love 🙂  Thanks for everything Johanna you are amazing!” –

– Sarah Minen with Winston (Miniature Pinscher) – Salt Lake City – Dog Training


Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Salt Lake City, Dog Training