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Private Online Dog Training Client Success Story


Literally magical to train with them! Our Mattis and Echo are now thriving and we have learned so many skills. What were BIG concerns are now no longer a challenge. This method works!!!! 

Stacie Mills Laurence with Mattis and Echo – Boxers – Online Dog Training

Private Online Dog Obedience Training

Serving Any Location Including Salt Lake City & Ogden:

My pup and I love all we have learned from online one-on-one training sessions!

Amy May (Pit Bull Mix) – Salt Lake City Dog Training 

I just finished a live personalized online one-on-one training course with my dog, and it was really great. I was given the tools I needed to help me dog with the problems he was having and the ones he may encounter in the future. I highly recommend FLS to anyone looking to get dog training during quarantine or beyond.

Christopher McKee (Poodle/ English Shepherd) – Millcreek Dog Training

Johanna walking SeikiI just finished the online dream dog program with Johanna and I couldn’t be happier with the results. During this program we did personalized online live sessions. This allowed me to train my dog in the comfort of my own home and to create a program that is completely unique and custom. I was truly shocked at how much progress I was able to make with Milly, with the tools that I was given. I brought Milly to visit my family about halfway into our sessions and they were absolutely blown away.
I’d recommend this to anybody and everybody that needs help with their dog. Trust me, with the problems that Milly had, you and your dog WILL benefit greatly from this.

Camden Varley-Harris (Border Collie) – Dog Training in Salt Lake City

Gracie has become the best dog – she’s a joy to have around and easy to live with. Johanna taught us how to understand her needs and “listen” to her. Taking the class online was a big advantage. I got to apply what I was learning as I trained Gracie. Johanna knows her dogs!

Deborah Felt (Border collie/poodle) – Salt Lake City Obedience Training

Our dog, Dolly, was very excitable inside the house and on walks. During our live personalized one-on-one training with Johanna, we learned a lot about how dogs think. Understanding Dolly’s emotions made the training process so much easier because Johanna helped us identify Dolly’s feelings and train her at the right level every step of the way. I highly recommend Four Legged Scholars because the value doesn’t end after your live sessions. Johanna provides a very thorough program. You will feel empowered to continue training your dog and know how to in the best way!

Camille Bagnani (Pit Bull Terrier) – Obedience Training in Salt Lake City

My kids and I recently completed our live personalized online one-on-one dog training sessions with Four Legged Scholars. In a short amount of time and after dedicated work, Ollie has reached the goals we set out to achieve with the guidance of Four Legged Scholars. Thank you!

Eric Corbin (Australian Shepherd) – Obedience Training in Cottonwood Heights

The lessons were broken down into manageable tasks and the positive feedback from videos that we made during the week were very helpful. We really enjoyed our sessions.

Kelly Doll (Pug) – Midvale Dog Training

We started live personalized online one-on-one dog training when they were 8 weeks old to teach them basic manners and commands. The experience was wonderful. I learned how well positive reinforcement works. My puppies quickly learned the basics and I learned how to continue to work with them into the future!

Tara Gunther (Cavapoo) – Holladay, Utah Puppy Training

The personalized, online sessions exceeded all my expectations. The review of video homework sessions was awesome. We saw improvement in each of the priority areas and I developed real, tangible, lasting skills/tools to be a better pet person. Thanks Johanna!

Shawn McMillen with Broc (Shepadoodle) – Training was done Salt Lake City and in Oregon when he traveled.

“Johanna worked with us one on one to make sure we were absorbing what she was teaching us in order to accomplish the goals we had set for training. She is a great and patient teacher, demonstrating and working through each of the steps necessary repetitiously until she was comfortable seeing that we were making progress.”

Peggy Blackman with Jack (Shi-Tzu)

“The information has been invaluable. We have been able to apply it at home, at the park, and different public places.”

Christopher Sklute and Adam Renstrom with Zoe (Anatolian Shepherd / Akbash Mix)

Johanna walking Seiki

Private Online Aggression Training In Any Location Including Salt Lake City & Ogden:

She would act aggressively around adults (lunging and barking), and would sometimes be aggressive toward other dogs. We chose to do online training with Johanna. Johanna taught me the skills I needed to train my dog, and provided resources that I could use throughout the week as I worked on the assigned tasks. I was also able to send her videos of me working with my dog, so she could provide feedback and help me improve. Johanna personalized the program and made changes as needed to ensure that I could meet my goals. Since working with Four Legged Scholars, neighbors have commented on how much better behaved my dog is, and I don’t have to worry about her lunging and barking at people or other dogs when we are out for a walk anymore. We still have a lot of work to do with our dog, and I feel like doing the personalized online sessions with Johanna has given me the knowledge, and resources to continue training my dog.

Emily Harward (Shepherd Mix) – Aggressive Dog Training in Salt Lake City

The live personalized online one-on-one was great for us because it gave us the opportunity to work with our trainer Johanna without the stress of planning around our busy lives. The online platform was great because we would video tape our training and then Johanna would meet with us over Zoom to go over our progress. We could see our strengths and weaknesses rather than getting feedback during an in-person class where there are so many moving parts.

 Ryan Quinn (Labrador Retriever) – Cottonwood Heights Online Dog Training

We did live personalized online one-on-one training sessions with Johanna, and she helped us recognize Wick’s body language and taught us techniques to counter-condition her in situations that make her scared. Johanna was great to work with! We’re now much more confident realizing when Wick is scared and how to handle it.

Tyler Drzycimski (Border Collie Mix)

“Johanna helped give me the tools to work with my aggressive little yorkie (that thought he was a rottweiler). I will always keep one eye on him but I now know what Luigi is capable of and what we learned will stay with us. You can teach an old dog new tricks!!!”

Sharon Maglietti with Luigi (Yorkshire Terrier)

“She has been a real lifesaver! She has come to my home so patiently, week after week, trying to get me to learn the behaviors that I need to live happily with Silly Billy and Gus. She has been extremely prompt, professional and knowledgeable. She encourages me when I get discouraged, is optimistic when I feel down, and has generally become a real friend.”

Paula Carl with Silly Billy (Pointer Mix) and Princess Gus (Border Collie)

Johanna walking Seiki“As I was learning to train Sammy, there were times I felt lost and hesitant. Johanna easily noticed this hesitancy and helped shift my energy so that Sammy and my energy field’s were in alignment. I noticed when my attitude and my emotions were playful, I was able to manifest a faster response with Sammy’s behavior.”

Phillip Blevins with Sammy (Pit Bull)

“The biggest thing for me was the difference in our walks.  I am more comfortable and I see that he is happier.  It is amazing the shift that was created in just 10 weeks of training.” Then just two weeks after our last session: “He seems to be doing a lot better, especially on his walks which makes me very happy.  He is finally letting my dad hold him so that makes both of them very happy!  And my sister Stefanie even took him into a store the other day and he did not bark at any strangers and let a woman come up to him and pet him!  I am truly amazed with the little guy.  He also is getting more comfortable with strangers in fewer visits which I am really stoked about! We are still working on getting him more comfortable with strangers and dogs on our walks, and we are still working on the commands.  He is barking less at the window now which I love 🙂  Thanks for everything Johanna you are amazing!” 

Sarah Minen with Winston (Miniature Pinscher)

**Disclaimer: Results vary. As a result, Four Legged Scholars cannot guarantee that you will have the same results as others. Please remember that each dog and dog owner is an individual



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