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I began training in elementary school in dog 4-H. As I got older my passion progressed to training exotic animals at many zoos.

These critters included parrots, raptors, and mammals.

I even worked at the Utah Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

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Nicholas and Jeannie Bieber with Broc (Jack Russell Terrier) - Salt Lake City - Puppy Training
Our dogs had problems when we began training with jumping on people at the door and barking. After training with Johanna they improved 90%. We would recommend Johanna Teresi to anyone. She is a great dog trainer.
Helen Hodgdon with Finn (Australian Shepherd) - Salt Lake City - Dog Training
My Dog Finn and I had a great time in Johanna’s ‘Tricks’ class. We both learned a lot and Finn is pulling tricks on me all the time. The clicker training method used was very effective!
LuAnn Burke with Brittany (Brittany Spaniel) - Capitol Hill Area - Dog Training
Johanna is The Best. By the time she has spent time with you and your dog through training the bond that you make with your dog lasts a lifetime. The bond my Brittany and I have is stronger than any other relationship I have…..A soul mate. We know each others thoughts by just looking in each other’s eyes. She totally trusts me. I love it.
Tawni Hanseen and Todd Harman with Sadie (Yellow Labrador) - Cottonwood Heights - Dog Training
Johanna is amazing! She has helped us better understand our dog Sadie and has taught us how to get Sadie to do what we want. She even makes training fun. We live together much more peacefully now thanks to Johanna teaching us how to get Sadie’s attention. We would be lost without her. Thanks Johanna!