have you worked with A dog trainer that was great with your dog, but not great with you?

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 Through private Online Dog Training, we empower you to get your dog to listen.

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Are you struggling to get your dog to listen?


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Is your dog not coming when called or pulling on the leash?


LEt’s Help you feel peace, & Personally teach

you to get your dog to want to listen.


Is your puppy chewing, jumping or mouthing?


You are not alone. We can Empower you to train your




I began training in elementary school in dog 4-H. As I got older my passion progressed to training exotic animals at many zoos.

These critters included parrots, raptors, and mammals.

I even worked at the Utah Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

Privately Coaching You to Train  Your Dog Online with Zoom

Private Online Dog Training Courses: 

The Dependable House Dog Private Online Program

Do you have a dog that is unruly in the house? Jumping, mouthing, pottying or just not listening. This private program will help you have a the perfect house dog.

This program can be customized for dogs with behavioral problems as well (barking, aggression, fearful problems, separation anxiety, resource guarding, etc.).

The Well Mannered Leash Walking Dog Private online Program

Are you sick of your dog not listening in your home and sick of leash pulling? In this private program, you will impress your friends with your dog’s behavior in the house AND on the leash.

This program can be customized for dogs with behavioral problems as well (barking, aggression, fearful problems, separation anxiety, resource guarding, etc.).

Group Dog Training Course Salt Lake City Utah

The Outdoor Dream Dog Private Online Program

Do you feel fear having your dog off the leash? In this private program, we can easily help your dog learn how to listen to you in the home, on the leash and off the leash. Imagine being able to take your dog in any environment and having your dog listen to you. You feel very excited!

This program can be customized for dogs with behavioral problems as well (barking, aggression, fearful problems, separation anxiety, resource guarding, etc.).

Dog Training - Utah - Loose Leash Walking - Shiba Inu

Loose Leash walking Webinar Just $39!

Is leash walking a drag? Are you sick of your dog pulling on the leash? This recorded webinar will coach you through the tools and training techniques that you need to know to get your dog to walk nicely on the leash.

In just a few days, his pulling has drastically decreased! This zoom presentation was extremely well organized and comprehensive.  This was a very positive and fun experience that I would highly recommend.  – Gary Teresi

Why Us?

“Johanna really understands dog behavior and training. She helped us with our very shy rescue border collie to set him up for success with learning to be less fearful around people. Johanna works to understand your goals along with your dogs specific needs and creates a step by step plan to achieve them. We had a great experience.”

— Michelle Geis, Online Dog Training – Salt Lake City, Dog Online Training Client







Photo by Kabo on Unsplash


I worked with Joanna with my 2 puppies. We started live personalized online one-on-one dog training when they were 8 weeks old to teach them basic manners and commands. The experience was wonderful. I learned how well positive reinforcement works. My puppies quickly learned the basics and I learned how to continue to work with them into the future!
Tara Gunther (Cavapoo) – Salt Lake City – Live Online Puppy Training

I am so beyond grateful that we found Johanna! We really struggled getting our puppy to listen, stoping pulling on walks, barking, stealing food etc.. doing it over zoom was perfect because we didn’t have any other distractions around and it was easy to get him focused. Now we have an amazing puppy who listens and is obedient and life is so much better and easier! Would recommend 1000000x!!

Charlee Penrod (German Shorthaired Pointer) – Salt Lake City – Private Online Dog Training

Our biggest dog Obi, the Rottweiler, started showing aggression we panicked. The vet suggested we put him down after an experience in the office. We signed up to do the online sessions with Four Legged Scholars. The process from the first contact to the last was well oiled and very helpful. Obi gets to stay with our family now and we feel like meeting with her has given us the guidance and knowledge we need to keep our family, friends and him safe. I feel like she set us up for success from the very beginning. Thank you.

Angel Lanoy (Rotweiller) – Layton, Utah – Private Online Dog Aggression Training

Gracie is my first puppy and I didn’t know what I was doing when I signed up for online training sessions with Johanna. Well, Gracie has become the best dog – she’s a joy to have around and easy to live with. Johanna taught us how to understand her needs and “listen” to her. Taking the class online was a big advantage. I got to apply what I was learning as I trained Gracie. Johanna knows her dogs!

Deborah Felt (Border Collie Mix) – Salt Lake City – Private Online Dog Training

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