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Your Dog and Your Mirror

It is easy to walk through life in our subconscious minds and have no clue what is going on around us.  When we become conscious the universe communicates and we can create our own reality.  Our own reality definitely includes our dogs.

Let me give you some examples of some mirrors.  My last dog had severe anxiety issues and would pace and whine like crazy for hours.  She had to learn to relax and she just didn’t know how to.  Funny I was the same way.  I had severe anxiety myself.  As I shifted this within myself, my dog also shifted and became more calm.  Our dogs are our mirrors for us.

My current dog shows numerous fears around sudden noises and around cars.  Many of you know that I have done training around this and shifted myself to be more relaxed when my dog runs into these situations, but how about when we are not around these situations.  How do I handle fear then? Sometimes I want to run away from fear so bad!  I have huge fears as I expand my business and play bigger.  So is my dog mirroring these fears?  My assumption is yes.  He reminds me all the time to love and embrace my fears.  I keep moving forward.  I run, meditate, talk to others, read affirmations (and positive books), and do yoga to move through my fears.  Is my dog shifting as I move through my fears?  It is early to tell and my assumption is yes I am influencing him all the time.

Lesson: Listen to your dog.  What is he/she communicating to you?  How can he help shift you and how can you help shift him?  This can be a life long experience of learning.  It is not all about click and rewards.


Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars LLC

2 responses to “Your Dog and Your Mirror”

  1. tresmollie says:

    I notice the same thing with me and my golden retriever.



    • Your dog looks adorable! Where do you live at? I am pleased to hear that your noticing mirrors. Mirrors are such a great learning experience. Have a great day!
      Much Love to You