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Help! My Puppy is Nipping

Puppy is nipping

Are you feeling frustrated because your puppy is nipping you? Yes, you love your puppy, but this nipping is driving you crazy. At first, it was exciting getting a new puppy. Now the troubles are starting. Sometimes the nipping hurts, other times it breaks the skin. You wonder if it will ever stop, and you get worried that this behavior may never go away. You also wonder how to stop the nipping in the best way possible. Why puppies nip As human babies, we mostly cry when we need something. Of course puppies do this too. However, they have a mouth that they tend to use at a much younger age than humans. When puppies are frustrated they may choose to let their frustration out by nipping you. This can […]

An Overview of Dog Training in Ogden Ut

Dog Training Ogden Ut - New Dog Trainer

About Our Trainer, Alyssa Giles When Alyssa Giles was a teenager she volunteered at her local shelter and owned numerous animals as a young girl. You can read more about her on our website. In 2008 she attended the Utah State University in Logan, Utah. She majored in Psychology and her mentor was Dr. Cheney. She was one of the few in the university to be a member of behavioral science club. At the same university, she worked as a lab technician for the rodents and the pigeons. Studying behavior became her passion. During college and after graduating with a bachelors in Psychology, she continued her passion. Alyssa worked for a groomer called Stylin’ Pets and helped with stress reduction during grooming. She also volunteered at the Cache Humane Society […]

The Best Method to Teach Your Puppy to Tell You When He Needs to Potty – SLC Puppy Training

Ring for Potty - SLC Puppy Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Puppy Training Are you stressed because you never know when your puppy needs to potty? Let’s remove that stress and create certainty for you. The best way to do this is to teach your puppy to ring a bell. Your puppy can choose to ring the bell to let you know that he needs to go outside to relieve himself. Ginger, a cocker spaniel, learned how to do this with SLC puppy training. It helped relieve tons of stress for her owner because she knew when Ginger needed to go outside. The first step is to teach your puppy to ring a bell. Get a strand of bells on a piece of fabric. You should be able to find them at a pet store. […]

5 Must Know Hiking Tips This Spring – Dog Obedience Salt Lake City

Border Collie - Dog Obedience - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Obedience – Salt Lake City Many people love to hike with their dogs, and we want to make sure you do it safely. Having a great time is awesome and we want you and your dog to be conscious as well while you hike. We know it is important to have dog obedience. Salt Lake City has many areas where you can hike where obedience is important. However, there are other scenarios to keep in mind as well. Be safe when you hike. 1.) Always make sure you have EXTRA water for both you and your dog. I really recommend that you bring a dog bowl. Make sure that your dog doesn’t have fear in drinking from the water bowl BEFORE you start hiking. […]

Feeling Frustrated Because Your Dog Won’t Work for Treats? – Dog Obedience SLC

Red Heeler -Dog Obedience - SLC

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Obedience SLC Are you frustrated because your dog won’t work for treats? You want to use reward-based dog training but your dog won’t work for treats. Now what? Guess what? You are not alone. I have ran into this issue many times and know the solution. I am ready to share it now. Throughout my years of training, the main reason a dog will NOT work for treats is due to one of the following: The dog is so stressed that he doesn’t want to eat.The dog isn’t hungry.The dog isn’t motivated enough to eat that type of treat. 1.) A dog that is super stressed won’t eat. This is same for humans. When I work with dogs that struggle with anxiety, fear or […]

Do You Struggle with a Dog that Ignores “No”? – SLC Obedience

Heeler - SLC - Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Obedience When you say “no” do you notice your dog blowing you off? You are not alone in this. We know many dog owners have felt that way. We helped them get their dogs to listen, and we will help you too. First, think about a time when someone told you “no.” What did you do? Did you stop doing what you were doing and know exactly what they wanted you to do? Did you stop what you were doing? Did you feel confused on what they wanted you to do instead? Did you just ignore them and keep doing what you were doing because it was unclear about what they wanted you to do next? “No” is very unclear. Unless you have a […]

Stressed Because Your Puppy Barks When He Want Something? – Puppy Training Salt Lake

German Shepherd - Puppy Training - Salt Lake

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training Salt Lake Are you struggling with a puppy that barks when he wants something? We know this can be frustrating. Let us help you teach your puppy to be more quiet so that your home is much more peaceful. First, puppies respond well to consequences. So if your puppy barks to get what he wants, and you give him what he wants then your puppy learns to bark to get what he wants. Teaching your puppy to be more quiet requires consistent puppy training. Salt Lake owners who are consistent will this will expect to get great results. Start by ignoring your puppy when he barks for something that he wants. Only give him what he wants when he is quite. Eventually, you […]

Success Story From Barking to Being Much More Quiet – SLC Dog School

Poodle Mix - SLC Dog School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Dog School Shana and Bryan are dedicated and experienced dog owners of a newly adopted 2-year-old small poodle mix, Dino. This adorable guy is spunky and affectionate, but he had one problem that was stressing his owners: he barked. A lot! Dino’s owners noticed that he barked and lunged at other dogs and some strange people. They were somewhat disappointed, as they’d initially felt Dino loved other dogs! It appeared that Dino had some fear toward certain dogs and people, and was also exhibiting some “leash frustration,” or “frustration aggression.” It is very common for dogs to become reactive when restrained, such as by a leash. Dino started out attending our basics group obedience SLC dog school class. Barriers made it easier to slowly […]

Are You Struggling with On-Leash Walks? – SLC Positive Dog Training

Leash walking border collie - SLC Positive Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Positive Dog Training Are you stressed on your leash walks? Do you feel like your dog isn’t listening to you when you walk him? This is a common pain that many people feel. As a result, we want to help you. Four Legged Scholars LLC (SLC positive dog training) takes pride in helping you feel peace on your leash walks. Here are some tips to help create more peaceful leash walks. 1.) Train all basic commands at home or in low distracting areas. Your dog will be too distracted to learn new commands during leash walks. 2.) Begin to add simple distractions at home and teach your dog to listen to these known commands with distractions in your home environment. If you dog has […]

13 Tips for an Awesome “Come” – SLC Dog Training

How to train come - SLC- dog training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Dog Training Are you struggling with getting your dog to come to you? Does your dog run off and appear stubborn? We understand the stress and pain. Let us help you. We wanted to help you create an awesome “come” command when you are performing SLC dog training. Here are 10 tips to follow to get your dog to come reliably. 1.) Be smart. Keep your goals small at first. Too high of goals and too of high of expectations right away will create endless frustration and lack of learning for your dog. 2.) Do management. Don’t let your dog off leash in areas where you know he won’t come. We need to start small and work our way up. 3.) If you you […]

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