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5 Must Know Hiking Tips This Spring – Dog Obedience Salt Lake City

Border Collie - Dog Obedience - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Obedience – Salt Lake City

Many people love to hike with their dogs, and we want to make sure you do it safely. Having a great time is awesome and we want you and your dog to be conscious as well while you hike.

We know it is important to have dog obedience. Salt Lake City has many areas where you can hike where obedience is important.

However, there are other scenarios to keep in mind as well.

Be safe when you hike.

1.) Always make sure you have EXTRA water for both you and your dog. I really recommend that you bring a dog bowl.

Make sure that your dog doesn’t have fear in drinking from the water bowl BEFORE you start hiking.

2.) Pay attention to the temperature. Your dog can overheat. Hiking in the AM and PM can be the best times to avoid some heat.

However, you still want to be aware how much heat your dog can handle. It is not uncommon for people to hike with their dog and have their dog die from overheating.

When I hiked with my border collie, I always listened to him when he wanted to go in the shade and take a break. This is super important!

3.) BEFORE hiking with your dog off-leash make sure your dog has a stellar “come” command with multiple types of hard distractions including coming off of running animals.

You may run into moose, dear, coyotes, etc. while hiking. Be prepared.

If you need help Four Legged Scholars LLC, dog obedience, Salt Lake City can support you in creating an awesome “come” command with your dog.

4.) Carry a first aid kit on you. Have one for you and one for your dog.

5.) Always tell someone where you are going so they know where to look if you end up needing help.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Obedience Salt Lake City

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