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Do You Struggle with a Dog that Ignores “No”? – SLC Obedience

Heeler - SLC - Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Obedience

When you say “no” do you notice your dog blowing you off? You are not alone in this.

We know many dog owners have felt that way. We helped them get their dogs to listen, and we will help you too.

First, think about a time when someone told you “no.” What did you do? Did you stop doing what you were doing and know exactly what they wanted you to do?

Did you stop what you were doing? Did you feel confused on what they wanted you to do instead?

Did you just ignore them and keep doing what you were doing because it was unclear about what they wanted you to do next?

“No” is very unclear. Unless you have a good relationship with someone and know what they want from you, you will have no idea what they want you to do.

I was at my physical therapist the other day. I was doing a exercise where I was suppose to not put pressure on my physical therapist hand with my legs while I worked my core.

I could barely do it. All I could think about was do not put pressure on his hand. My mind kept thinking about what I was NOT suppose to do.

I wanted to think about what I was suppose to do. Without a clear road map it was very hard for me.

If he would have told me hold your weight more on on your right side or something with a clear picture that my mind could have created, I probably would have been more successful.

Dogs are no different in obedience. SLC owners will naturally want to tell their dogs “no” or tell them what not to do. Instead, tell them what to do. This is more clear.

I do this when I work with owners too. When you are learning something new you don’t hear me say “no” or don’t do that.

You hear me tell you exactly what to do. That way it is easy for you to train your dog obedience. SLC owners are more successful when they can visualize what they are suppose to do rather than what they are NOT suppose to do.

Rather than saying “no” teach your dog commands: sit, heel, come, leave it, stay etc. You will have much more success.

Johanna Teresi, Obedience SLC Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience SLC

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