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Are You Loosing Control of Your Dog’s Behavior? – Dog Obedience Trainers SLC

Alyssas Giles - Obedience Dog Trainers SLC

Four Legged Scholars – Dog Obedience Trainers SLC

Do you feel you lost control of your dog’s behavior? This is a very common complaint.

One that most obedience trainers (SLC) don’t address directly. We do however, we want you to feel happy fully with your dog.

What you say to yourself and what emotions you feel when you train your dog affect the results you get.

Yes I mean to say that applying the tools that you know about dog training isn’t enough.

Your thoughts and emotions shape your actions. They affect how well you train your dog.

How well you click on time or even if you choose to use the clicker or not. They affect how often you train your dog (once a week or every day). They affect how you set up the training sessions.

Do you set them up so that your dog is successful or do you constantly set up the training sessions so that your dog fails?

Psychology is strange. Most of us are aware of our subconscious mind. Once a behavior is learned it is stored in our subconscious mind.

Patterns and actions are formed that we stop consciously thinking about. We just act a certain way because we are wired to do so.

We develop these patterns as children. As we get older and our brains develop more awareness some of us learn that we have a choice on how want to create things to be in our life. We don’t have to be the affect of our environment.

I am asking you to do the same when you train your dog. Yes question your thoughts, emotions and actions. Are your actions encouraging for both you and your dog? Do they make you both feel happy?

Do you both enjoy yourselves when you are dog training? Are you training often enough? Are you present when you are training? Most of all, are you getting the results you want when you are training?

Once you start questioning, start by asking yourself what can you change within yourself. As you change your thoughts, your emotions will change. So if you notice unproductive thoughts, change them to productive ones. Your actions will follow as you change your thoughts.

Post signs in your house so that you are constantly made aware of what you want to create with your dog during training sessions.

I like to use intention statements. I want to empower you to have success with your dog. New years is coming up. Let this new year allow you to create the happiness you want with your dog now.

If you need one on one help there are many obedience trainers (SLC) to choose. Make sure you find one that is positive and knows the above.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Johanna Teresi, Obedience Trainer SLC, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Obedience Trainers, SLC

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