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Tips For Training and Hiking This Winter – Dog Training SLC

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training SLC

Are you struggling with your dog training and hiking with our dog this winter?

We understand the cold and the obstacles you can run into. Let’s help make it easier for you this winter with your dog.

1.) If you are training your dog outdoors you can still use the clicker. Wear thin gloves. To keep your hands warm use hand warmers.

Now you can keep up with your dog training. SLC owners will be impressed.

2.) Ice can be slippery. We know how crazy the hill at Tanner Park can be! Yack Tracks can save you from falling. They will dig into the ice and keep you safer.

3.) If your dog pulls on the leash use a gentle leader or front hook harness to help reduce the pulling.

4.) I know that ice and snow can get stuck in your dogs cute paws. If your dog has hair on his feet, trim it.

Also spraying your dog’s feet with Pam Cooking Oil can help. Regularly check and clean the ice out between your dog’s toes.

5.) Sometimes paved trails work better in the winter because they are a bit more level. It can help make it easier for dog training. SLC has a few paved trails where you can take your dog off-leash.

City Creek Canyon has a paved trail side. Millcreek Canyon blocks off the top of the road for hiking and cross country skiing. Make sure you hike on odd days as these days are off-leash days.

We hope this makes winter a bit more fun and warm for you. If you can’t make it outdoors much, remember you can do dog training indoors.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Training, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Salt Lake City, Dog Training

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