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Are You Struggling With a Bored Dog This Winter? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

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Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Stella, my border collie and I went for our weekly hike to tanner park in Salt Lake City. We felt that familiar cool breeze. Winter is coming.

This is my first winter in Salt Lake City. I moved from Las Vegas. I learned fast where to walk and where to not walk with my dog. Despite dog training, Salt Lake City has some pretty icy areas that are dangerous to walk with any well-trained dog. I do not enjoy the cold and ice. I know I am not alone with this thought.

When you have a dog, they need exercise. So what can you do to entertain them? If you don’t, active dogs will trash your home, despite dog training. Salt Lake City has many places to take her dog outside, but when it is cold sometimes we just want to stay indoors.

Did you know that you can fill toys with treats? My dog goes nuts over them. Fill them with peanut butter, almond butter, frozen broth, and other fun treats.

This can give your dog something to do for a bit. If you put it in the freezer it will last even longer. Some of the ones I really like are the Kong brand, Sumo brand, and Ruffwear brand. You can also easily wash them in a dishwasher.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there, You can play many games indoors with your pooch.

My dog Stella, a border collie, loves to play hide and go seek.  Start by having someone hide in an easy spot. When they are ready have them call for the dog. As the dog gets the idea, you can make your hiding places harder.

You can also play fetch up and down your stairs in your home.

Playing a go-find-it game can be entertaining as well. Hide treats in your home while your dog is in enclosed room. Then have him go find them.

Lastly, your dog will get much stimulation through simple dog training. Salt Lake City owners can easily train their dogs indoors so don’t forget to do this as well. Tricks can be super fun to train in the winter time.

Winter can be such a fun time for you and your dog. You can find so many fun things to do inside to keep your pooch busy.

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Becca Shreiar, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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