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Does Your Dog Ignore You? – Positive Dog Trainers SLC

Alyssa Giles - Positive Dog Trainers SLC

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Positive Dog Trainers SLC

Are you sick of your dog ignoring you? We understand the stress. Let’s get your dog to listen to you now.

Research has shown that reward- based dog training is more effective than using aversive methods such as prong collars, spray bottles, yelling, hitting, leash popping, choke collars, and shock collars.

Dogs actually trust their owners and want to respond because they are having fun.

When aversive methods are used your dog chooses to respond out of fear or anger.

He generally wants to avoid to feel the pain so he responds fast to avoid it. As a result, your dog is generally stressed.

If he is stressed, he can act an aggressive or fearful manner at any moment.

So reward-based training is also safer. Positive dog trainers (SLC) are not that hard to find.

Four Legged Scholars LLC offers reward-based dog training and the Utah Dog Trainer Alliance has other options.

We want to get your dog to listen for the long haul. Reward-based training produces lasting results.

Punishment based training can produce temporary results. Also it can cause your dog to only listen to you when he is wearing the choke, prong or shock collar.

Alyssa and I are positive dog trainers (SLC) because we care about how you feel as well.

It is easier for owners to implement reward based dog training, and it also feels better. It feels good to give your dog a treat and frustrating when you have to yell. 

So what you are waiting for? Get your dog to listen now by using the hottest and newest training methods.

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior agrees.  They also have an article on how to choose a good dog trainer

Johanna Teresi and Alyssa Giles, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Positive Dog Trainers SLC

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