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The first step to anything in our life is commitment.  Our actions and the way we live our lives shows us what we are committed to.  As a dog trainer I only accept clients that are fully committed to wanting to train their dog with me.  Why?  If the owner isn’t committed then it is less likely I can help the owner train the dog to do what the owner wants.  I am not the trainer, the owner is 🙂

What exactly does commitment mean?  Commitment means that the body, mind, and spirit are all in alignment to accomplish something.  When that occurs nothing can stop us from accomplishing our goals.  If our goal requires money then the money just shows up or we end up manifesting what we wanted for free.  It amazes me every time!  Notice what your body feels like when something is a “yes” to you.  Think of a place that you definitely want to vacation to.  This same feeling is the feeling that is a “yes” if you want to train your dog, eat a certain type of food, etc.  If your mind wants something and your body does not then the commitment is not present.

I want to give you an example.  Awhile back I was committed to being sick.  My mind didn’t want to be sick and when I got sick I got very upset.  My life coach pointed out that my body was committed to being sick.  Once I fully honored my body’s want and stopped trying to fight it I began to get well.  I have been well for 5 months now!

My point is be honest with yourself.  If you are not committed to training your dog fully allow yourself to be in that position.  Eventually it may shift.  Going into fix it mode can create more resistence to that commitment.  If you are committed keep training and know that the universe will continually support you.

Also realize that there are different levels of commitment.  You might be committed to training your dog one day a week or seven days of week.  Your commitment can be depend on the day, the time, the month, etc.  Your commitment can change at anytime. Always be open to what you want to create and the possibility that it can change at ANY time:)


Johanna Teresi Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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