The Secrets are Relieved to Create Ultimate Dog Training Success and Happiness With Your Dog Now!

March 18, 2016

Today, I have noticed a huge shift in my life toward my dog and daughter that has created much more peace, compliance and happiness in our lives.  I wanted to share these secrets with you so that you can apply these techniques in your life with your dog training.  Salt Lake City has many clients of mine that I believe will benefit from this post!  Here are a few inspiration tips that will catalyst you to create faster and more productive training results.

1.) Be in the moment.  It is easy for our brains to be stuck in the past.  For example, your brain is repeating thoughts about your boss reacted toward you earlier that day or how your daughter didn’t listen to your instructions 5 minutes ago.  The past is in the past.  Learn to leave it there.

The future is also something that is beyond your control.  It is easy to project your thoughts into your future which will affect your dog training.  Salt Lake City is the home of many yoga studios and other conscious learning spaces that can teach you to leave the future in the future.  Ultimately, if you are thinking that your dog is going to pull on the leash you are increasing the chance that will happen. So just like the past, leave the future in the future.

The only time you have ultimate control over is the present.  The more present you are when you are with your dog, the faster you will reach obedience with your dog.  When you are present with what is happening now, you will listen and communicate to your dog better.  As a result, you will be more proactive and supportive in your actions which will create your dog to respond well to you.

2.) Give yourself plenty of “you” time.  If you don’t take of yourself and your needs it will be extremely hard for you to be present with your dog.  What rejuvenates you?  What creates yourself to feel loved?  Make time to do those things.  For me it is yoga.  When I wake up early and choose to do yoga it shifts my whole day.  As a result, my dog loves how present and loving I am toward him.

3.) Get super clear on what you are wanting to create with dog obedience.  If you are constantly focusing on what you do not like, your actions will mirror the exact behaviors you do not want.  Get super clear with your dog training goals.  Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Meditate. Close your eyes and see your dog responding in the ways that you would like him to respond.  Also see yourself performing the actions that will ensure your dog to respond in the way that you would like.
  • Make a vision board.  On this board post pictures and quotes that mirror what you are wanting to manifest in your life with your dog in regards to his / her obedience success.
  • Have a discussion with someone else that involves talking about obedience.  Rather than venting about how your dog isn’t listening.  Talk to others about how you are changing your actions to create what you would like with your dog. By talking to others about what you are wanting to create, you are shifting your brain to focus on these actions instead of the actions that have created you to remain stuck with your dog.

4.)  Be receptive to feedback. Ask others for their insight and really listen to them.  Then take what resonates and leave the rest.

5.) Ask for support.  If some or all of your goals are difficult to perform on your own ask for support in any area of your life or with your dog training.  Salt Lake City is full of dog lovers.  If you ask you will find people who are willing to help you.  Delegate support with childcare, cleaning, work, etc. This leaves more time to train and be present with your dog.

6.) Have fun!  If you are not having fun training your dog then you are probably in a power struggle.  The more you are attempting to control your dog, the farther away you are from being a team with your dog. Remember the fun times with your children, friends and family.  The energy just flows.  It is this flowing energy that creates actions within yourself that will help your dog to respond.  This energy is also very attractive to your dog, and your dog will listen to you because he / she is enjoying herself / himself.

Above all we never want you to feel alone when training your dog.  There are many positive reinforcement (reward-based) dog trainers.  Salt Lake City has many choices and you can find the exact trainer that most resonates with you to create success with dog training.  Salt Lake City is a wonderful conscious place to not only train your dog but also to enjoy spending time with your dog while hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc.  Remember these precious moments will not last forever.  Treasure them and enjoy your dog training moments now.  It is the “now” that is most important in day to day life!

Your turn!  We want to hear from you in comments below!

What have you learned that you can do differently that will support ultimate success with dog training?  Salt Lake City has many dog lovers that we are excited to hear from!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City


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