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Stop Potty Accidents in Your House – Dog Training – Salt Lake City, Utah

Ginger, Salt Lake City, dog training client

Many of our Salt Lake City dog training clients struggle with getting their dogs house trained. This can feel stressful and frustrating. You are not alone and help is here. Below are some basic tips to help you out!

1.) Clean long standing stains with Urine Off. Use a black light to find the stains. Cleaning will help so much with dog training. Salt Lake City has the Dog’s Meow that does carry this product.

2.) Block off areas where your dog is having accidents to prevent reoccurring accidents. In time your dog will become more obedient.

3.) Immediately clean-up accidents with Nature’s Miracle. This has enzymes that will prevent future accidents. As a result you will have an easier time with dog training. Salt Lake City has both Petco and Petsmart which carry this product.

4.) Take your dog out to potty before your dog needs to go potty. Stand next to your dog and give your dog a treat immediately after going potty.  At first, you might need to take your dog out every hour. Obedience training is part of the process.

5.) When you are not at home put your dog in his crate. Most dogs won’t potty where they rest.

6.) When you are at home keep your dog by your side so that you are supervising him constantly. When you notice he needs to go potty take him out immediately.

7.) If your dog has an accident in the house avoid yelling at your dog and do not rub his nose in the accidents. This can create fear for your dog. If you yell at your dog you will have a more challenging time with dog training. Salt Lake City has many professional reward-based dog trainers if you need further support.

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How many accidents is your dog having a day? What are you doing differently since you have read this post?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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