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Are You Tired of Your Puppy’s Obnoxious Biting and Jumping Behavior? Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Ginger, Salt Lake City, dog training client

Are you overwhelmed and stressed by your puppy’s crazy and hyper behavior? Is your puppy biting too much and does his sharp teeth hurt? Are you beyond annoyed by his constant jumping?

Let’s create a more peaceful household with your puppy, and it begins with dog training. Salt Lake City also has many reward-based puppy training classes if you need further help.

We assure you that we can help! Begin by giving your puppy only what he wants when he is performing calm and good behavior. If your puppy is in a sit or down give him attention then.

If he is jumping turn your back and ignore this jumping behavior until he has calmed down. Many of our clients have had success with this technique through consistent dog training. Salt Lake City guests of yours will appreciate this training. Obedience does impress visitors.

While petting your pup, make sure you have a toy in your hand that your pup wants. Redirect your pup to bite on the toy instead of you. If your pup bites you while you are playing with him just say “ouch” and stop playing with your pup.

Resume playing once your pup has stopped biting you. Again be consistent with your dog training. Salt Lake City has many owners that have used this method which much success!

We hope these tips create a calm house and a calm pup.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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