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Help! My Dog is Chewing Everything and it is Driving Me Nuts! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Freshman Obedience Course - Dog Training, Salt Lake City

Are you frustrated by the many objects that are getting destroyed in your home because your dog is chewing? Do you feel your dog is so bossy that he doesn’t know what is his and what is your’s?

We want to help you with your dog training. Salt Lake City has many happy clients of ours.

Let’s create more peace and happiness in your life now! Training your dog the “leave it” command can help.

A simple way to train this is command is to have your dog on leash. Place an object / treat on the ground that is just out of your dog’s reach. Slowly back up while guiding your dog gently back toward you.

Do not pop or jerk on the leash. When your dog turns his head toward you say “leave it” and then c/t (click and treat).

Practice this numerous times. It is best to do 2-5 sessions a day that last about 2-5 in length of dog training. Salt Lake City clients have mentioned that it is easier to do shorter training sessions, and it is also easier on your dog to learn.

Once your dog starts learning the command you won’t have to back up. When you say “leave it,” your dog will turn his head toward you.

Generalize this command to multiple objects. When using a new object, start with your dog on the leash and expect that you may have to back up to prompt your dog to do the command.

Once you have worked with many objects your dog will start turn his head toward when you say the command without you having to back up around multiple objects.

Once your dog gets really good at this, attempt to do it with your dog off-leash. Of course if you need additional help please consult with dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many reward-based training options.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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