A large part of dog training is creating ease.  Our Salt Lake City dog training company advocates success in the dog’s learning curve.  Baby steps are taken to ensure success. This eliminates multiple failures on the dog’s end.

Also allow yourself to be successful.  Talking to yourself in a loving and compassionate manner is crucial for your confidence and success level.  Remember the more you practice the easier dog training will become.  Visualizing how you want the obedience training session to look ahead of time will ensure even more success.

Here is a great example from this past week in regards to my daughter and my dog.  In the past, I felt stressed with the three of us.  This time I visualized success.  Seiki behaved well in the car and when he barked I remembered to breath and follow my intention of love.  As a result, I was able to lovingly redirect him into a quiet down stay easily.  Upon arriving at our destination I digested one step at a time.  I trained Seiki to stay in a down in the car by using using successful increments (shaping).  This allowed me to easily get Iris ready. Also, the destination I chose was not highly dog populated, was only 5 minutes away and was fully fenced.  As a result, I could arrive there quickly instead of stressing about time.  I was able to let Iris run around while Seiki ran off leash. We had a blast!!!

I would love for everyone that reads this post to comment below. The key to a good dog trainer is to look within yourself. What have you change within yourself to create more success with your dog?

Plan ahead and keep dog training simple 🙂  If you need any support in creating this in your life with your dog please contact Four Legged Scholars dog training, Salt Lake City.

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, dog training Salt Lake City

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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