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Be a Dog!

Last night I woke up and I was in mega pain and I was having trouble sleeping.  I finally relaxed to the point that my eyes closed and I received a few more hours of shut eye.

This morning, I talked to my beautiful friend, Cam Williams, who works for Marketing for Gurus and set up my wonderful Blog.  She reminded me to just be.  To get out of my head.  To take a hot detox bath and say positive affirmations such as “I love myself.  I am perfect just the way I am.  The universe always takes care of me, etc.”




As I feel my body’s pain, I am reminded about how much we run around as humans and ignore what our bodies tell us.  I am also reminded how easily dogs stay in the moment and just do what they want to do when they want to do it.  They are usually always in a state of the heart and not in a state of analzying.  Their entire lives are directed by their feelings/emotions.

When they feel angry they bark, bite, growl, etc and then let it go.

When they feel happy and they run around and let the whole world know.  As they smile and run around with a simple toy.

When they feel tired they usually rest and sleep.  Of course some dogs will ignore this step and keep going and going until they hit the point of exhaustion and yet they still listen to their body more than most humans.

My point is…..BE A DOG!  Live in the moment.  Do what your feelings are directing to tell you to do.  Live from your heart and not your head.

Our dogs are our teachers everyday.  Feel what they feel moment to moment.

Best Wishes

-Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars

2 responses to “Be a Dog!”

  1. Cam Williams says:

    Hi Sweet Johanna,

    Great job on your blog, it is looking amazing, just like you!

    Blessings my Friend,