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A Wonderful Dog Story

Today was a beautiful day with many clients.  I was excited to work with Beau again.  Beau has fear issues with many people.  When I first arrived he showed many stress signs.  He would bark at me and move toward and then away from me in confusion.  He also had a very stiff body and was not happy to take his eyes off of me.

His owner and I worked to help Beau become more comfortable.  He was asked to perform many behaviors in my presence and his stressful behavior became more and more relaxed over the next visits.  He was sitting, downing, watching, targeting, and spinning on command.  As he performed these commands I gradually decreased my distance.

Today was a break through.  He approached me.  He allowed me to interact with him.  He sat, down, targeted, and watched on command for me.  His behavior was much more comfortable.  His body was less stiff.  He even laid down.  His eyes were much more relaxed and he was okay to look at me and away from me.

I felt invigorated to see Beau come out of his shell.  It is fun when you see a dog realize that he can shine with his true essence.  His owner was happy to get to see the progress and watch her dog move from fear to happiness and love!

Everyday I feel I have a rewarding career and I am happy to make a difference in so many dog’s and people’s lives!

Happy Training!

-Johanna Teresi Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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