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Training is Easy


I am remembering a time when my clients would say that dog training is hard and my response would be that I had more practice than my client.  Now I think “what kind of response is that?”  As I learn more about hypnosis, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and other energy modalities I am learning that change is quick and easy!  Now I create scenarios to allow my clients to believe training is easy and it really is.

We all have stories in our heads about dog training:

It is hard.

It takes too much time.

This takes too much coordination.

I am just an amateur.

I can’t do that.

Etc. etc.

I am giving you toss.  How would it look and feel like in your body if you chose to say…..?

Training is easy.

I train dogs just like a professional.

I am coordinated.

I am confident when I train my dog.

I have plenty of time to train.

Positive affirmations is one way to switch from frustration to ease and flow.

What you visualize during training is also important. Visualize success, ease and flow.  With visualization and positive affirmations you are on your way of creating well behaved dog in a matter of minutes.  Seriously, it makes a world of difference.

Today I was chatting with my friend, Mary Redford.  She is a hypnotherapist and is amazing!  Together we are going to co-create a recording to shift people out of these negative stories so they can easily create positive stories.  As a result training becomes easy.  I am very excited to create this with her.

I am excited to create access to this recording when it is ready.  I will keep you posted.

Remember training is easy.  That is the truth.  When you say it is hard that is an illusion and is just a story.

Happy Training.

Johanna Teresi is a Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

2 responses to “Training is Easy”

  1. Angela says:

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