Your Dog is a Journey. You Might As Well Love It All!

As I remember life is journey and that everything that happens is suppose to happen.  I shift back and forth from many emotions as we all do….anger, sadness, fear, joy, sexual, and love.  As a person who has been through much…..depression, chronic illnesses, insomnia, excessive tiredness, I am learning that all of this has a purpose.  I remember going through these times and wondering “why me?,” being irritable and just hating it.


Shadow took me on a journey from aggression to friendliness to heaven and I loved it all!  I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Shadow took me on a journey from aggression to friendliness to heaven and I loved it all! I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

I have a new light.  I developed a chronic condition of warts and just came down with another sinus infection (my doctor in the past has diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis and I have had sinus surgery).  I had done much to prevent another infection.  I became vegan realizing that dairy was a huge trigger for me.  I also made sure I got plenty of sleep, worked on positive thinking, and always getting plenty of sleep.  I made it through depression, insomnia, etc with flying colors as I learned that everything was in my control….or is it really?

Focusing on my with my efforts, I allowed myself to again develop anger and frustration about my health.  “Why again?  What was I doing wrong?.”   I talked to some people and a person who shed the most light was Annabeth Christie, my life coach with Lifeworks and one of my beautiful friends who is always very loving.  I remembered that everything is not always in our control. Carol Tuttle discusses that there is a higher power, God or a divine being that has our whole life path in his/her hands.  We don’t always know what will happen or why.  What we do know is that everything that happens is suppose to happen.

I went to an amazing doctor in Sugarhouse, Dr. Cameron.  He helped me realize more than I already knew that the multitude of antibiotics that I have been on had weakened my immune system.  With a weak immune system who wouldn’t come down with another sinus infection and even warts?   As I begin to remember to love what is I realize that at this time in my life something that appears to prevent me from accomplishing what I want is actually good.  Due to this condition my body is able to restore its immune system to ultimate health and balance.  As I do this more energy and vitality occurs. Remembering to love this time in my life and not resist it is the most precious gift I can give myself.

I realized I can fight or I can choose to love it.  I can allow my body to communicate what it wants to say to me and say “thank you body.”  Through this I am learning to be more friendly with my emotions.  To listen to my body when I feel a feeling and discover how I can just allow myself to feel the feeling in a healthy manner and shift to ultimate joy and happiness.

As I go through this transition, I remember so many dog owners and people go through this same scenario over and over again.  We get a puppy and the puppy takes longer to be housebroken or cries throughout the night way longer than most other puppies do.  Our dog grows up and he begins to bite people, bark excessively, not come when called, attacks other dogs, etc.

The first thing, I see most clients do is resist.  They resist what is occurring right in front of them.  Sometimes they go through denial.  They wait to call a trainer until years after the behavior started.  As I was in denial about my immune system.  I had numerous blood work done and my white blood cell count was always low.  I heard the reports and subconsciously chose to just ignore this.  Then I realized the truth and I wanted to fix it. I wanted my immune system better now because it shouldn’t be down it should be up and healthy.  This is the same with my clients….they want to fix their dogs.  They want the problems to go away now.  An immediate fix.

The most important step is forgotten…to love what is occurring in this moment.  To realize that everything is perfect.  Sure, it is okay to take action to create a different result.  I can take Vit B supplements, colloidal silver, etc to create an awesome immune system.  My clients can participate in an amazing training program with Four Legged Scholars to create a dog that is more emotionally balanced and happy.  If the loving step is forgotten many emotions of frustration, anger, and resistance are constantly felt.  Instead, welcome these emotions.  Fully feel them and shift into love.  Welcome the present moment and the shifts that are occurring to create a different result.

Happiness is not on the other side.  The grass is green right now.  Look at what is right in front of you right now and love it.  It is much easier than saying when my dog knows this (is quiet at night, sits instead of jumps, is friendly with strangers, etc.) then I will be happy. Be happy right now. Embrace how your dog is right now and embrace the journey and the learning process that is created as a result of wanting to create a different behavior. Make a list of everything that you can appreciate from the current condition your dog is creating.

As I remember to love my body.  I love my warts.  I love my sinus infection.  I love the way my immune system is at this moment…weaker than the average person.  I am not resisting.  Then I shift into what I can do to create a different result and I enjoy the journey as I go to the doctor and learn what supplements and foods I can choose to consume to create a healthy and strong immune system now.

I am much happier than if I wake up in resistance to what is going on with my body.  You will be much happier if you will allow your dog to be what he is right now and enjoy the journey together as you change.  Love it ALL!!

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi Owner and Professional Dog Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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  1. Julie (wife of Greg/owner of Sandy the labradoodle)

    Try the Neil Medd Sinus Rinse Kit for your sinus infections…it’s all natural, just salt water, is safe, easy, and extremely effective at preventing sinus infections. We used to have recurring sinus infections in our kids and haven’t had one in two years now. Use it daily at first and then gradually you can just use it when you first start to feel a symptom. It is awesome and it works. Another alternative is a Neti Pot, but the sinus rinse is better.

    • fourleggedscholars

      Hi Julie!

      Thank you for this wonderful information!

      I am feeling great!!

      I am curious about the Neil Medd Sinus Rinse Kit. Where do I get it? Also how is it different than the Neti Pot?

      How is Sandy doing?? I sure loved having Sandy and Gregg in class! I hope you guys come to a Meetup / Community Event. I am having them weekly now starting next week!! YEA! FUN!!

      Take care and happy dog training!


  2. Julie

    You can get them both at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Shopko, or any store with a pharmacy section, etc. in the medication section near the saline nasal spray or sinus medications. Again, it’s just saline, not a medication and it is effective. When you start to see what comes out you’ll know why it’s so effective. The Neti Pot uses gravity to wash your sinuses, the Sinus Rinse bottle uses more pressure than the Neti-Pot. We have used both with success, but I still think the Neil Medd Sinus Rinse bottle is better. Open the box to make sure the Neti Pot or a Rinse bottle is actually in the box you are buying. Several people I know have accidently bought a whole box full of saline rinse mix packets with no bottle or Neti Pot inside. The box can be tricky because the picture is on the outside so make sure you get both the bottle/pot and packets in the box you buy. And it’s only around $10-$15!! There are other brands out there besides Neil Medd that are less expensive probably. These two videos show you what I’m talking about:



    • fourleggedscholars

      Thanks so much Julie!! The more I know the better!!

      Have fun training!!