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More Leash Walking Devices

Some of you might have heard of these devices and they are awesome ūüôā


The first one is called the Front Hook Harness.
There are many companies that sell these. ¬†One brand is the “Easy Walk Harness.” ¬†Another is the “Halti Harness.” ¬†My favorite is made by soft touch concepts and they are called “Sensation Harness”.
The leash hooks on the front the dog (not on the dog’s back) and when the dog pulls it throws the dog off balance just a little bit so that it is uncomfortable for the dog to pull. ¬†Some dogs immediately stop pulling when these are used and it is much easier on the owner’s the arms and shoulders if the dog does pull.
The second one is called the Head Collar.
¬†There are many companies that sell these as well. ¬†One brand is the “Gentle Leader.” ¬†Another is the “Halti Head Collar.” ¬†My favorite brand is the “Comfort Head Collar.”
This collar goes behind the dog’s ears and around the dog’s muzzle. ¬†When the dog pulls gentle pressure is created on the dog’s muzzle and generally the dogs stop pulling with training. ¬†This collar requires an acclimation period and is not recommended for labs. ¬†It is important to follow the directions on how to train and use this collar. ¬†If your dog pulls quickly and hard when wearing this collar he can break his neck.
I use the comfort head collar on my dog and absolutely love it ūüôā
I sell both the front Hook Harness by Soft Touch and the Comfort Head Collar.  
If you are interested please contact me and I am more than happy to sell you one and instruct you on the proper use.I
If you use either apparatus in conjunction with good training then you don’t have to use them forever. ¬†Eventually, your dog will be able to walk on a normal flat buckle collar.
Happy Training!
Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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