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Create a Calm Dog in Your Car

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  • Does your dog bark in excitement when you are driving in your car?
  • Does your dog bark at stimuli as cars pass you while you are driving?
  • Having trouble listening to the radio in the car with your barking dog?

Teaching Your Dog To Settle - 6

Below are some tips to create a more peaceful and quiet car. 

  • These tips are directed to dogs that get excited in the car.
  • These tips may work for aggressive dogs as well.
  • These tips are not for dogs who whine or bark in the car due to fear.
  • Also these techniques are specifically directed to working and herding breeds such as Border Collies, Heelers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Great Pyrenees, Australian Shepherds, etc.
  • You may find them to be helpful for other breeds as well 🙂

When there are two people in the car (one person driving and one passenger the passenger).  The passenger can C/T (click and treat) when your dog is quiet.  It is best to C/T after your dog has been quiet for at least 3 seconds.

Having your dog in a crate can help immensely if your dog runs and barks in the car.  This can be common for herding dogs.  Give your dog a Kong with almond butter or canned dog food (freezing the Kong is best).  You can also C/T when your dog is quiet in his crate if there are two people in the car.

Covering the crate with a sheet can be very helpful.  This is very calming for your dog and cuts down on what your dog can see outside of his crate.  You can also buy a calming cap and this creates a similar experience: http://www.healthypets.com/premiercap.html

Turn on relaxing music in your car.  Classical music is awsome.  Also this website: http://www.throughadogsear.com/music_compositions.htm

has music that is designed to help your dog to relax 🙂

Yelling at your dog will feed the barking and will just increase his arousal level.

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Best Training Wishes!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer for Four Legged Scholars LLC

2 responses to “Create a Calm Dog in Your Car”

  1. deekshautah says:

    Hi Johanna,

    Taking a look at your blog and it looks so full of great information on the care of you dog. You are a genius and the best in the state of Utah to look for direction and education! Thank you for your wisdom and caring..
    Cam Williams
    Marketingfor Gurus

    • Hi Cam,
      Very beautiful. Thank you for your awesome comment. I appreciate it very much. I do care so much 🙂 I love you so much. Thank you for setting this up with me so I can share with the world.

      I love you!