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Weekly Tip: Gratitude

I have a dream.  My dream is a ranch that I own where disabled come to experience love through dance, hypnosis, life coaching, etc.  There are also rescue dogs on this ranch that are yearning for love as well.  The children coming to the ranch experience unconditional love through obedience training and bonding with the dogs.

My life coach, Megan Sillito with Lifeworks Strategies, lead me through an amazing experience last week.  I am in the process of manifesting this ranch.  What I have learned is gratitude for what is now.  As I carry the vibration of love and light that I feel when I am on the ranch right now then the ranch comes easefully.

I want to walk you through a process where you can do the same with your dogs.  It is very powerful in creating the behavior you want and desire.

pic 019

1.) Think of what you want to create with your dog: walking on a loose leash, sit stay, calm behavior, quiet behavior, relaxed behavior, etc.  whatever it may be.

2.) Pick an object in your house that resembles this goal.  For me I used a mirror which resembled the ranch.

3.) Place the object on the floor.  Walk away from the object so that you are creating a path toward the object.

4.) Take one step forward focusing on your goal and check into your body.  Notice what you feel and what thoughts come up.  Remain at this step until you are feeling in the moment and present with this step.

5.) Repeat step 4 over and over again until you reach your goal.  Remember to fully settle into each step so that you are not rushing.  Checking in with your body to discover what you might be learning from your body.

6.) Once you reach your goal pick up the object.  Check in with your body and notice what you feel.  Take the feeling into your body fully.

7.) Go back to the beginning of the path and take this body feeling with you.

Remember whatever you are training your dog to do it is learning journey that you have the chose to love or not.  Loving is the fastest way to shift into open space and leaves room for the behavior you want to train to develop faster.

Also notice a feeling of longing, hope and desperation while you are training your dog training creates the process to be hard.  Carry the vibration in your body as if you have reached the dog training goal now:)  This shows much gratitude and appreciation for what you have now.  How fun!

I hope you find this exercise very helpful.  The more I shift into love the more I manifest and create.  I hope you find the same with your dog training.

Best Training Wishes!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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