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Calm Behavior at the Door

Many owners dread it when people knock at their door.  Their dog barks and then immediately jumps all over the visitor when they enter in the house.  Read below and learn some simple solutions to make this transition more easeful.

Have treats, your clicker, and your dog’s leash readily available by the door.  When someone knocks at the door, put your dog’s leash on and  lure your dog away from the door.  With a treat in your hand move your hand toward your dog’s muzzle.  Then guide your dog by moving your hand to the location that you want him to remain. Usually your hand is like a magnet when you have a treat in it.  Choose a location that is out of the visitors path when he enters and a place that is not in the pathway of the opening door.


Next, ask your dog to sit.  Say “sit” then C/T (click and treat).  Repeat this multiple times in a row at a fast rate.  It might be beneficial to have multiple treats in your hand so that your C/T are super quick.  After your dog has been retaining the sit for a few seconds ask the visitor to come inside.  Body block your dog by standing in between the visitor and the dog.  Continue to say “sit” and C/T as the visitor walks inside.  When the visitor is visible this is the hardest time for the dog to retain the sit so once again have a high treat frequency.  I also recommend that you request the visitor to open the door rather than leaving your dog to open the door.

When you are ready to let your dog up say “okay” and he will be free to break the sit.  Repeat the above process multiple times with a variety of visitors.  Once your dog is consistent with holding the sit, you can begin to increase the time interval between the C/T.  Eventually, you will stop using the clicker and switch to random rewards.

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Happy Training!
Johanna Teresi Professional Owner and Trainer for Four Legged Scholars LLC.

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