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Knowing What You Want

On Wed Dec 9th I was on a radio show, “Who Let the Dogs Out” with my Life Coach Megan Sillito.  I would love for all of you to listen to it!  Click Here to Listen to the Show.

As I was talking in the show, I realized that I have a formula that I use to help owners create what they want with their dogs.  Below are the steps to create what you want with your doggies!

1.) Be clear with your body language.  Some of you have heard of this before and it cannot be told enough.  This is extremely important.

For example: If your dog is about to break a sit stay lean into your dog.  This is telling him not to move forward because you are moving into his space. If you lean back or stand still your dog may still break the stay.

Anther example:  If you want your dog to learn come.  Run away from your dog with your back toward your dog. This is clear body language.  If you run with your front facing your dog then you are saying come to me but don’t.

2.) Be confident.  This is created easily by visualizing success.  If you visualize yourself training the behavior you want with confidence, clear communication, and clarity you are increasing great communication to your dog.  If I am your trainer, watch carefully how I train when I am with you.  Now close your eyes and visualize yourself as me training your dog.

3.) Be authentic.  If you feel frustrated, fear, anger, sadness, or any emotion voice it.  Let it out.  Do the same with stories.  If you have a story voice it.  One story might be “My dog won’t listen to me”.  You might even have a story that your dog only listens at home or that your dog is not smart.  After voicing it (this creates conscious awareness), do one of the following:

  • Wonder.  Wondering if this story is possibly untrue.  If you agree that it is untrue recommit.
  • Recommit immediately.  Recommit only if it is a “yes” for you to recommit.

When recommitting here are some suggestions (Make sure the recommitment statement resonates with you.):

I recommit to:

  • creating ease and flow with dog training.
  • wondering how to create obedience with my dog.
  • allowing my dog to listen to me.
  • being clear in my communication so that my dog knows exactly what I want.

All of the above helps you become clear with what you want to create with your dog.  If you are hesitant or unsure with want you want, positive results are less likely to be created.  Your body language, confidence in training, and emotions all affect your success with your dog.

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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