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Yelling at Your Dog May Not be the Training Best Method

Our Salt Lake City dog training company, notices many people yelling at their dogs and repeating commands multiple times before receiving a response.  A behavior is learned when, a command is calmly stated one to two times and the dog responds 70-80 % of the time to that command.  A well-trained dog also performs the command in a happy manner. So what’s the big deal about yelling and saying a command multiple times before receiving a response?  Our Salt Lake City Dog Training company believes the biggest problem, is the stress the owner feels when they choose to create a story that their dog will only respond when their dog yells.  Also saying the command numerous times before receiving a response creates a sense of disconnect between the owner and the dog.  Of course, you can get your dog to perform obedience by doing such tactics, but the question is do you want to enjoy your time with your dog or do you want to feel constant stress.  You can create dog obedience and feel happy at the same time!  Yahoo!  Yes you can have both! A good dog trainer will teach how to get your dog to perform obedience the first time you request a command not the 5th or 10th time.  This is done through gentle guidance.  Trainers understand that there is a learning curve on the dog’s end.  First of all the dog has to understand what you are wanting to train them.  Some tactics great training tactics are the following: shaping, behavior catching and lure training.  All of these methods involve reward based training or positive reinforcement dog training.  Training is an art.  I strongly recommend that you work with a positive reinforcement dog trainer if you have resorted to yelling or are receiving a lack of response from your dog without command repetition. Move yourself from pain to peace.  Four Legged Scholars dog training, Salt Lake City is accepting new private and group dog training obedience clients now. Happy Training! Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer with Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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