Coping with the Terminally Ill in Our Dogs ( A Personal Seiki Story)

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Yes, the good news arrived, the blood tests were negative for my dog, Seiki.  This meant his parathyroid was functioning great. I also thought this meant that he didn’t have cancer.  We still had no diagnosis. Healing Hearts Vet Clinic ran an ultrasound and some x-rays.  When I received those results, a huge knife stabbed into my heart.

Hiking and dog training, Salt Lake City.

Hiking and dog training, Salt Lake City

The phone rang.  I picked it up. My vet spoke to me and told me that Seiki had lymphoma.  The cancer was lumped in his abdomen which was putting pressure on his spine.  As a result, his brain was having trouble communicating to his back legs.  Therefore, walking was no longer happening for him.  I hung up the phone numbed with shock.  It was time to drop my daughter off with her dad, and then drive to the vet clinic to talk about treatment.  Sadness filled every cell in my body, and I didn’t want to move.  I took a step forward and dropped my daughter off with her dad.  Seiki’s Salt Lake City dog training career had ended.

I drove to the clinic and called one of my close friends crying.  He reminded me to be present with my emotions and to enjoy the moments I still have left with Seiki.  He is one of my conscience friends so of course he reminded me that miracles happen every day.  Thank you friend.  I hung up the phone.  I sat in the parking lot at the clinic and breathed.  I felt my sadness and sent love to myself.

I walked into the vet clinic and was soon greeted by our wonderful vet.  She began explaining the results and I began to zone out a bit and started to cry.  Being very considerate she acknowledged how I felt. Therefore, I was easily able to be present as she moved forward to discuss treatment.  She stated that if we put Seiki on steroids and pain killers that he would then be able to walk again!!  I took in a deep breath and saw us hiking again.  I normally like natural methods better, and yet I knew this case was extremely serious.  I gave in.  The vet gave Seiki his first dose of steroids.

Then the miracles began to happen in our lives!  Seiki began walking again!  I felt so much joy to have more time to spend with him!  We are forever blessed to have this time again!  And so the next day we went on a walk through the neighborhood again.  The following day we took a trip to the mountains!  We drove up Millcreek in complete gratitude.  I loved watching Seiki and Iris walking up the mountain together.  I will never forget that day.  It felt like a complete miracle.  We can still perform Salt Lake City dog training tricks together!

This past week we have been spoiling our boy.  He has eaten raw grass-fed steak, homemade treats from Ma and Paws, and he is always getting extra treats in his meals.  We sure have been enjoying our neighborhood walks and mountain hikes.

Our Dog Training Salt Lake City companion, eating treats in a Kong.

Our Dog Training Salt Lake City companion, eating treats in a Kong.

Thank you!  Thank you universe for giving us more time together.  Everyday my hearts aches because I don’t know when the end will appear and I forget to be in the moment.  Universe please support me in being in the moment with my boy.

His ability to be in the now is profound.  His handsome smile warms my heart.  He so easily enjoys our bedtime snuggles and sleeping time.  I absolutely love the excitement he feels from receiving attention from new people on our outings.  He is so amazing at soaking in the goodness of the moment!

Seiki hiking and dog training, Salt Lake City

Seiki hiking and dog training, Salt Lake City

So he may have 1-3 more months before he cannot walk again, and it will be time for me to let him go to rainbow bridge. Throughout this time I will do my best to take advantage of this time with him in Salt Lake City. Dog training with Seiki is forever treasured in my heart!  Of course the hikes, walks, and cuddles are wonderful as well!

Your turn, and we look forward to your answer in a comment below!

How will you choose to see the joy in your dog?

Now if you are willing donate money to support Seiki’s health, click here. Even $1 is helpful! 

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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  1. Susan Steinwand

    I am so glad to hear his quality of life will be prolonged a while more! I’m sure he will cherish his time with you as much as you will. Best wishes.

    • fourleggedscholars

      It is wonderful to see you on here Susan!! I am blessed to have had much support to prolong his life in a happy and meaningful manner. There will be many more stories and posts on this in the upcoming weeks I am sure!

  2. Rich Teresi, Garrettsville, Ohio

    As you discuss your pain and decision to take advantage of the extra time science has provided I think of my Dad who left without a word. At times I feel so alone, so fearful, so exposed without him nearby never more. I am so happy you can enjoy Seiki for a little while longer.

    • fourleggedscholars

      Dad, Death is a difficult experience for many of us. I am sorry for the pain that you are feeling at this moment and hoping that you will find peace in admist the pain. I honor where you are at and have ultimate compassion. I am grateful for more time with Seiki! I sure wish we could have one last moment with Papa and yet the past is the past and all we have is the now. See you soon! Love you!

  3. ling wong

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it’s wonderful that he has you.

    • fourleggedscholars

      Thank you! I appreciate your kind words!