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Amazing Tips on Creating a Great “Come” or Recall Command

We understand that training “come” can be one of the most difficult commands to train.  As a result, our Salt Lake City Dog Training Company wanted to give you some simple but profound dog training tips to your success.

1.) When you are initially training your new come command, say the command only one time.  Repeating the command may teach your dog to not listen the first time you say it.  Remember obedience is key.

2.) When you are training this command do something that will encourage your dog to come.  This may be running away from your dog, making a fun high-pitched noise, clapping your hands, or using a treat as a lure.

3.) When your dog does come to you always make it positive.  Your dog will want to be obedient if he knows that coming to you is a good thing.  If negative things happen when your dog comes to you his obedience will decrease.

4.) Give your dog a really special treat for coming to you!  This treat can be freeze-dried liver, cheese, cooked chicken, etc.  Your dog will create success with come through consistent and positive dog training.  Salt Lake City has many clients of ours that have created an awesome come command because our clients have chosen to use a special treat.

5.) Create the special treat to last a long time.  20-30 seconds is a great amount of time for your dog to create a great association in regards to come and dog training.  Salt Lake City has many areas where you can take your dog off leash that are highly distracting. If your dog knows that they treat is going to last a short time duration they may be less likely to come when chasing a bird, playing with another dog, or chasing a deer, etc.

6.) Start easy and work your way to creating harder dog training.  Salt Lake City gives many opportunities to hike with your dog.  However, hiking with your dog off leash is not the best place to start in training a successful come command.  Begin by training at home with no distractions.  Then work in small fenced areas.  From there you can also work in semi-distracting open areas with her dog on a long line.  After your dog is successful in those environments think of simple off leash areas you can take your dog in.  City Creek Canyon and Tanner Park are great options.  Once you are sure you have a consistent come command with many distractions then progress to off leash in the mountains.

7.) Be consistent and persistent.  Your dog will learn to respond to you through consistent practice with dog training.  Salt Lake City has many environments where you can practice come often.  The more environments you train in the more your dog will generalize come to multiple situations.

8.) Read more articles on create an awesome come command. Click here to learn some more basics to create a great “come” command.  Click here to learn more advanced material on creating an awesome “come” command.

9.) If you are interested in working with a professional trainer, check out our Junior Come Course.

Your Turn!  We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!

What new tips did you learn to create an awesome “come” command with your dog?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

2 responses to “Amazing Tips on Creating a Great “Come” or Recall Command”

  1. Hi Johanna, a very good set of guidelines to follow for a great recall. Achieving this is all about following all the steps, not just parts, or one or two, otherwise it falls apart. I really like the inclusion of no 5 – having the reward last a while – so many people think a quick reward is enough, but as we know, the dog goes straight back out again. You’re Salt Lake City clients are in good hands with you and your teaching methods. Best wishes kathie.x