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Is Your Dog Getting into Your Stuff? Let’s Stop This. – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

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Does your dog feel that your stuff is his too? Is your dog eating items that you don’t want him to eat? Let’s stop this struggle and create your dog to listen. Training the “leave it” command can help with obedience.

You will want to start with the basics on this command. Then, later build up to harder scenarios.  First, start with a treat in your closed hand. When your dog looks away or backs away from your hand say “leave it.” Then c/t (click and treat). Repeat until your dog appears to understand this command. Do the same with a treat in your open hand. Make sure you don’t let your dog get the treat. If he goes after the treat, close your hand.

From here you can repeat the above process with a treat on the ground under your foot. Then begin to uncover the treat with your foot. If your dog goes after the treat, be ready to cover it.

Remember in order to be successful, you need to practice often and be consistent with your dog training. Salt Lake City has many dog lovers that can help you.

Get help if needed. Consult from a list of dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many options.

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What objects is your dog chewing? How is this affecting your life?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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