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I am so Frustrated Because My Dog Completely Blows Me Off! – Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Dog Training Obedience

Are you done with your dog ignoring you? Does your dog not even give you a moment of his time? Is your dog so independent that you can’t get him to even look at you? Training your dog “watch” can help.

This command will create much more peace in your life because your dog will be paying attention to you.

Below is a great way to train “watch” and has been successfully applied by many dog trainers. Salt Lake City is a great place to get your dog pay attention because there are so many distractions when walking your dog.

With the treat in your hand draw an invisible diagonal line from your dog’s muzzle to your eyes. When your dog looks into your eyes c/t (click and treat). Once your dog is readily following the treat and looking in your eyes, say “watch” right before you guide your dog to look at you.

Eventually, you will stop using the treat in your hand and just reward your dog for looking at you.

We want you to have success with your dog training.  Remember there are many people you can contact if you need help. Choose from a list of positive reinforcement dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many to choose from.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, We will be hiring other dog trainers. Salt Lake City is one of our home bases.

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