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Help! My Dog Rules the Walk! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Do you feel frustrated because your dog pulls like crazy and rules your walks? Do you feel that you don’t have any control on what your dog does on walks? Let’s create peace on your leash walks now.

Remember you make the rules with your dog by doing dog training. Salt Lake City has many places that can be distracting and difficult for peaceful leash walks. So let’s start now.

The first step is to make the walks easy for you and your dog. Start with loose leash walking in your home. Then graduate to harder environments as your dog is ready.

What you reward will increase in frequency, so if you keep walking forward when your dog is pulling on the leash you are rewarding the pulling. Instead, walk forward on the leash when the leash is loose. When your dog pulls, you can change directions.

Teach your dog obedience commands so that he can listen to you on your walks and follow your command. Again start in easy environments. “Leave it” and “target” can be very helpful commands. “Leave it” can help your dog break away from smells. “Target” can get your dog to walk in the direction that you choose.

Above all, if you need support, choose from a list dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many options.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah



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