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Help! My Dog Blows Me Off and Will Not “Come” When Distracted! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

OMG I totally know the feeling. Your heart drops because your dog ran off and you know he isn’t going to come back. You imagine having to run off after your dog to catch him. You feel embarrassed as people watch you call your dog and see that your dog is not responding.

You feel fear that you cannot walk your dog off- leash in Salt Lake City. Dog training, “come,” hasn’t been working for you. You are not alone!

I don’t want you to stay here and I have helped out many Salt Lake City dog owners get their dogs to “come” reliably on command. I can help you too!

I recently trained Lagertha, a Great Pyrenees to “come” with David Drockton. Lagertha didn’t know how to “come” at all and being a Pyrenees puppy she had energy but running like a border collie was not in her agenda.

When we first attempted to get her to “come” she pretty much didn’t want to respond, and finally she responded after a huge pause. She was not excited about responding to her owner’s “come” command. Her slow response was rather humorous at times.

We absolutely loved working with David and he lives in Salt Lake City. Dog training was a huge priority for his cute puppy because he wanted to start off training on the “right” foot. So David found us and chose Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Salt Lake City. We did about 11 private sessions together.

After some failed attempts with getting Lagertha to “come” she began to be excited to “come” to David, and she came at a faster pace. We used a special treat that she only got for coming. She was rewarded for 20-30 sec with small pieces of this treat to make it super rewarding to “come”.

We started with no distractions in the home and used walking away as a prompt to get her to follow David. Once she came well in the home with no distractions we worked on getting her to come when David was out of sight in another room in the house. Then we progressed to getting her to “come” with minor distractions in the yard.

The videos in this post show how we went from failing to get Lagethera to “come” with distractions to getting her to respond very well. Of course, the training continued onward after the videos, and eventually Lagertha was coming with much less prompting from her owner.

We hope you find these videos useful in training your dog to “come”. Remember we want you to be successful with dog training. Salt Lake City is a great place to train your dog as you have much training support. We are offering group courses again and have a new instructor. Start your pup on the right foot in our Freshman Obedience Group Course.


Johanna Teresi, Owner and Dog Trainer of Four Legged Scholars Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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