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Are You Feeling Stressed By Your Dog’s Bossy Table Manners? Success Story – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Recently, we trained Rigi, a German Short-Haired Pointer owned by Scott Cornwall. Scott came to us with a super hyper active puppy. A cute pup but he didn’t know any of the basics. Rigi basically knew how to call of the shots and was having a blast. He pulled on the leash and jumped like crazy.

I really enjoyed training with Scott and Rigi. Scott was very dedicated and committed so he received amazing results and peace of mind quickly. We did sessions on online through Skype and in-person.

In the video below we are training Rigi “leave it” which he learned really well.  He shifted from being a super grabby dog to a more patient dog. Scott was very consistent with his dog training. Salt Lake City is where they live. After you watch the video, keep reading to learn more about Rigi’s success story.

We first working on jumping in our dog training. Salt Lake City was the home of many guests that Scott had over at his own and Rigi liked to jump on everyone. When someone came to the door he also wanted bolt towards the door. Rigi learned to settle. He began to be calm down when visitors came to visit, and I was impressed how fast he calmed upon my arrive, after multiple training sessions.

We also worked on training Rigi to go to his bed. This was a hard command for Rigi to learn. He didn’t want to stay on the bed and didn’t want to lay down. I remember Scott feeling really frustrated about this.

We created simple homework steps so that Rigi could become more obedient on his bed. Overtime Rigi began to lay down and stay on his bed. In fact during our last dog training session, Rigi, was even staying on his bed when he was distracted.

We trained Rigi many basic obedience commands including: sit, down, watch, target, and stay. Through consistent dog training, Rigi was able to perform these commands without having to receive a treat every time and even began responding to this obedience commands on his leash walks.

I was super impressed with the results we created in dog training. Salt Lake City had many areas that Scott wanted to walk Rigi so so loose leash walking was a priority.  He pulled on the leash like crazy. I told Scott to get a front hook harness and he got one. This made a huge shift in addition to our dog training.

I also was super impressed on how well Rigi learned to come. Coming reliability especially when he was distracted was definitely not in Rigi’s vocabulary. After much dog training practice, he began coming away from many distractions including his favorite distraction, raspberries in the backyard. Watching him “come” and ignore the berries was super cute!

I am sad to say our last training session is completed. I will miss working with them!


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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