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Does Your Dog Drag You on Leash Walks? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Are you sick of your dog walking you? Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because he pulls so much on the leash? It is time to for you to enjoy your walk with your dog. Let’s teach loose leash walking dog training. Salt Lake City has many beautiful parks to walk your dog on leash, and we want you to enjoy them with your dog.

Recently, we worked with a german shepherd that pulled intensely. The owner use to love taking her dog for a walk and began to hate them. We trained together and now her dog pulls so much less.

She is learning to train her dog leave it and to be fast with the c/t (click and treat) when the leash is loose. As a result, her dog is rewarded quickly when the leash is loose.

The faster she clicked when the leash was loose the less likely her dog pulled again. The owner is very dedicated with her dog training. Salt Lake City is where she is now enjoying her walks much more frequently.

We worked with Stacey Cole and Brett a few months back. They received a border collie, Shelly, that was horrible on the leash. The video above shows our first training session with leash walking with Shelly.

You can see that the owner changes directions every time Shelly pulls on the leash. As a result, Shelly learns that when she pulls on the leash she forfeits walking in that direction. When the leash is loose, Shelly gets to keep walking forward.

Brett also chose to use “yes” as a marker instead of a clicker when the leash was loose.  Shelly is already walking more loosely on the leash in just one session!

You can apply these loose leash walking training techniques as well in your dog training. Salt Lake City will be impressed with how quickly your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Utah Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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