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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Holidays – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

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Four Legged Scholars LLC– Salt Lake City – Dog Training

With the holidays coming I hear: “how do I keep my dog safe?”

Keeping our dogs safe is so important and we want to do it right. It can be tempting to feed your dog human food in Salt Lake City. Dog training can require much treat usage.

However, there are a tons of human foods that can be dangerous to your dog especially during the holidays.

Chocolate, grapes, avacado, onions, and cooked bones are all not good to feed your dog even during the holidays or during dog training. Salt Lake City has my pet stores where you can buy healthy dog treats or you can make your own treats (recipe below).

Cooked bones can splinter in your dog’s stomach. Salt Lake City dog training owners and clients definitely do not want to be dealing with a sick dog during the holidays.

If your dog does eat something that isn’t good during the holidays, call your vet right away. Many of the vets are closed in Salt Lake City during the holidays so check out the 24 hour clinics such as Cottonwood Animal Hospital.

Here is a recipe for homemade dog treats that you can make yourself in Salt Lake City. Dog training and the holidays will be easier with healthy treats for your dog. Stella, my dog, loves them.

This is from allerecipes.com.


Stella loves these treats. I make them every year for her and share them with her Salt Lake City dog friends.

We also want to wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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Becca Shreiar, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC , Salt Lake City, Dog Training

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