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Are You Struggling With A Dog That Doesn’t Listen? You Are Not Alone. – Obedience Training – Salt Lake City

Get Your Dog to Listen - Obedience Training - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Training – Salt Lake City

Do you have a dog that just doesn’t want to respond to your command? Many people struggle with this, so you are not alone.

We want you to feel that you can easily get your dog to listen to you. Then, you will feel peace and happiness in your life.

Obedience training (Salt Lake City) is a great way to learn the tools that you need to get your dog to respond. Sometimes we think that are dogs will naturally listen to us and will want to listen to us.

Guess what? This true sometimes. However, if you are reading this post I am betting that your dog isn’t that type of dog.

Most dogs will respond really well if we are clear with our body language. Once they perform the command, they are more likely to perform it again if they get something that they want. Being alpha and dominant is not necessary.

Here are some examples:

1.) My dog won’t sit. Holding a treat in your hand and luring your dog will generally work. Move your hand in an upside down “L” position. Your dog follows the treat and this gets your dog to move his head up and his butt down.

2.) My dog blows me off when I say “come”. Clapping your hands, talking to your dog in a high-pitched voice or running away from him can pull your dog toward you.

This is an important command for obedience training. Salt Lake City has many off leash areas and you won’t want to miss out on hiking with your dog.

3.) If your dog pulls on the leash something as simple as taking away the reward for pulling can work great. When your dog pulls on the leash turning to walk in the opposite direction takes the reward away.

4.) What about jumping? Turning your back for jumping. Your dog won’t get attention from you for jumping. Then you can c/t (click and treat) a sit.

Of course, with these examples we are using prompts to get your dog to respond. Eventually, you will want your dog to just listen without having to prompt him.

That will happen in time. Eventually, your dog will listen to you, and you won’t have to reward him every time.

We can teach you how to do this in our Four Legged Scholars Obedience Training (Salt Lake City) Group Courses. Let’s get your dog to listen to you now!

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience Training, Salt Lake City

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