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4 Myths About Clicker Training – Obedience – Salt Lake City

how to use clicker during dog training - Obedience - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Salt Lake City

Are you struggling with getting your dog to listen? Has someone mentioned about using a clicker, and are you hesitant to do so?

We understand. Once you realize that clicker training does work and that certain myths are not true, you may be more likely to use it when training obedience. Salt Lake City is where we are located so we can help you if needed.

Here are the 4 top myths:

1.) You always have to have the clicker on you to train obedience. Salt Lake City owners will be relieved to know that this isn’t true.

You can train your dog without the clicker if you misplace it. The clicker just speeds up the learning process because it serves as a marker for the appropriate behavior. Your dog hears the clicker and knows knows a treat is coming.

2.) Your dog will only listen to you when you have treats and down the drain goes obedience. Salt Lake City dog trainers that are good will teach you how to fade out treat usage so that your dog learn to listens to without treats.

The clicker is used to train a new behavior. Once a behavior is learned, you can stop using the clicker. You will also fade out treat usage so that your dog learns to listen to your just your command.

3.) It is too hard to juggle.

In the beginning you will have to learn to juggle the clicker, the treats and your dog’s leash. However, with practice it will become easy. You won’t have to be fast with giving treats because the clicker will mark the behavior. Now you can slow.

4.) It doesn’t work for aggression.

Clicker training has been proven through science to help tremendously for aggression and even fear issues. The treats and the clicker actually help change the dog’s emotional response to be happier which then lessons reactivity and fear problems.

To help you counter act your limiting beliefs around clicker training, 90% of our clients use the clicker when training their dogs.

Once our clients understand clicker training most of them love it. They see their dog learning good behavior quickly.

They also realize that if they misplace their clicker for a time period it isn’t the end of the world, and they still can train their dog.

Johanna Teresi, Obedience Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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