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A Must Know Myth About Dog Training – Obedience – Salt Lake City

Obedience- Salt Lake City - Border Collie

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Salt Lake City

Are you stressed because your dog has a mind of his own? Do you wish that your dog would just listen to you all of the time?

We understand this need. Let’s create peace of mind now and get your dog to listen more often.

As humans, we tend to believe that once our dog knows a command, he will perform the command in any environment, with any distraction, during anytime of the day!

The truth is your dog probably will not listen to a command that he knows well when he is distracted unless he was trained to listen to this same command when he is distracted.

Many of my clients believe that training is too simple when creating obedience. Salt Lake City has tons of distractions.

So once your dog knows a command well at home, take it on the road.

Go to an easy location first and re-train the command. Expect that your dog is going to be confused and may not listen right away.

When he does respond make sure you give him tons of praise and rewards.

If he struggles use some type of prompt to get your dog to respond. Lures work great.

A lure means that you have food in your hand. Your dog will follow your hand wherever you move it when it has food in it.

So you can guide your dog into any position you want.

Some easy locations are your neighborhood during times of days that have low dog volume.

Harder locations will be busier like neighborhoods with more dogs, dog parks, and the mountains, etc.

Start in easy areas and work your way up to harder ones.

Keep a positive mindset when you are training obedience. Salt Lake City dog owners tend to be upset when their dogs don’t listen.

This is normal. However, the faster you shift into happiness or peace the faster your dog will respond.

Many dogs will respond better if you use a happier voice rather than an upset voice.

You can also train commands at home with distractions.

Some great distractions to use are toys, food, another person doing something (running, jumping, clapping hands, etc.), etc.

We want your dog to listen well to you with obedience. Salt Lake City has many trainers.

If you need help, make sure you choose a trainer that uses positive reinforcement.

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City uses positive training and can come to your home.

Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Obedience Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience, Salt Lake City

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