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Are You Struggling with On-Leash Walks? – SLC Positive Dog Training

Leash walking border collie - SLC Positive Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Positive Dog Training

Are you stressed on your leash walks? Do you feel like your dog isn’t listening to you when you walk him? This is a common pain that many people feel. As a result, we want to help you.

Four Legged Scholars LLC (SLC positive dog training) takes pride in helping you feel peace on your leash walks.

Here are some tips to help create more peaceful leash walks.

1.) Train all basic commands at home or in low distracting areas. Your dog will be too distracted to learn new commands during leash walks.

2.) Begin to add simple distractions at home and teach your dog to listen to these known commands with distractions in your home environment.

If you dog has trouble listening make the distractions easier or use a higher motivator (more valuable treats).

Some distractions you can use in your home environment:

  • Treats on the floor or on chairs / stools.
  • Someone running or doing jumping jacks.
  • Playing noises on youtube such as cars or dogs barking.
  • Any noises in the home such as opening and closes doors or drawers.
  • Dog toys that someone else is playing with.
  • Be creative and you will think of many ideas.

3.) When you were working with distractions at home keep your dog on leash so that he cannot reach the distraction.

If he doesn’t follow the command. The farther away you are from the distraction the easier it will be for your dog to respond.

We want our dog to be successful, so make it easy. Then gradually make it harder.

This is why SLC positive dog training is so successful. We don’t crash your confidence levels or your dogs by creating frequent failures.

4.) Make sure you practice all of the commands that you want success with during leash walks with the above distractions: sit, stay, leave it, down, loose leash walking etc.

5.) Once your dog listens with distractions at home, start walking your dog in less distracting locations in SLC. Positive dog training is more successful if you start around your neighborhood and progress to harder areas such as Liberty Park rather than starting on Liberty Park.

6.) If you still need help, enroll into our Sophomore Obedience Leash Walking Course.

We will help you create peaceful leash walks now. The entire class is held outdoors to create ultimate success.

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, SLC Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, SLC Positive Dog Training

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