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Community and Love is the Key

“The trouble was, I had been making my contributions form a sense of ‘me,’ not from a sense of ‘us.’  The shift changed everything in me.  Now I was committed to our world, not my world. -Gay Hendricks Conscious Living

As I continue as a business owner and love my clients very much, I realize the importance of listening and understanding my clients needs.

One thing I have found that I really enjoy doing lately is responding to each and every e-mail I receive from any past, present, or future client.

I could come from an aspect of you are no longer my client so I am just going to ignore you especially since I am no longer receiving $$ from you anymore.

I very much enjoy coming from a perspective of love.  I love each and every single one of my clients and their dogs of course!!  I want a client of Four Legged Scholars to be a client of mine forever.

As a result I welcome e-mails from past clients.  I get to share love with them and hear the wonderful experiences they are having with their dogs.

Four Legged Scholars welcomes any dog lover to share experiences with us!

May we build a dog community full of love and light!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

2 responses to “Community and Love is the Key”

  1. Johanna,
    I love your enthusiasm for learning. I believe that you are and will create much success for yourself because of how much you love.

    • Megan,

      Thank you so much!! You are very beautiful. I feel I am going to have amazing shifts from ALC.

      Thank you for sharing your life and your experiences with me.

      God Bless You,