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It’s All About Play!

My wonderful friend Christy and her boyfriend, Paul watched my dog over Thanksgiving.  Paul sent me an e-mail with my doggie playing with their foster dog, Sadie, at the time.  He said “All they did was play.”



This inspired me to remember that life is ALL ABOUT PLAY!  If it isn’t fun then it isn’t worth my time..lol!

I am opening to a world that “have to’s” are gone and I am just inspired to do what I do for fun and from the love of God.

As I go to each client’s house I create a fun and loving environment.

Today my most memorable experience was at Beau’s house.  This dog has many fear issues.  As the owner did a wonderful job at being present and cheery the dog came out of his shell.  He was playing, performing tricks (down, sit, target, watch and spin).  I had so much fun creating love and light with this client today!!

I am always  excited to see what new clients God will bring everyday and I am happy to say I love them all!

-Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Dog Trainer for Four Legged Scholars

2 responses to “It’s All About Play!”

  1. I’m a dog lover too and love your blog! Check out my dog blog: http://www.doggiecare.blogspot.com.

    • I love your blog!! I put your link on my blog too!! Would you put my blog on your site as well?? Gosh I wish I could come and check out your daycare. It looks amazing. I love the puppy pictures!