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The Power of Intention in Dog Training

This weekly tip was inspired from personal experience this week.  My dog, Seiki, has for unknown reasons at the moment developed fear when cars pass him when we are walking on the sidewalk.  Most of the time when I have walked him in the past I walked with the intention of exercise for Seiki and I.  As this new transition arose I noticed it was difficult walking, Seiki and I felt frustrated.  Everytime a car would go by he would become fearful and then would want to run and dart around on his leash.

I began to notice today what my intention had been in the past and realized that I wanted to change my walking intention during this new transition.  My new intention when walking Seiki is now ” I am walking to be in the present moment with my dog.  I am also walking to create a positive association with my dog and cars.”  With this new intention my frustration was gone.  Our walk was now peaceful.  I did not focus on exercise.  Instead, I focused on the behavior of my dog.  I rewarded him with a special treat every single time a car past by to formulate a new association with cars.  I enjoyed our time together.  Seiki walked nicely on the leash and the darting on the leash was totally gone 🙂

This week pay attention to the intentions that you create before walking and training your dog.  If your dog barks at other dogs, people, etc. and your intention is to walk for exercise this isn’t in alignment with creating a quiet dog.  If your intention is to focus on your dog and to create quiet behavior with stimuli then your results and your emotions will be much more in alignment.

Remember as you and your dog change your intentions will change.

Also, notice your intentions with your dog as you approach the new year!

Happy Training and Happy New Year!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

3 responses to “The Power of Intention in Dog Training”

  1. James says:

    That is what this Dog Trainer believes in. You should walk in the moment because a dog will pick up on vibes, especially negative ones. By you walking your dog in the NOW, you can eliminate many of your concerns.

    For a food motivated dog or puppy when the car and treat is timed right you may after a short while find your dog pulling you in fornt of traffic (lol)!

    • Thanks James. Yep totally agree. That is why I posted it. I am learning just as my clients. I never stop learning and as I grow I share for the community.

      Seiki’s fear is slowly changing. In time it will shift when the time is right. He is currently on a homeopathic as well 🙂

      Thanks again!

    • Also wanted to state that Intention goes much farther than emotions. I can walk and be happy but if my intention is to exercise myself I will not be consciously creating my dog. My intention was entirely subconscious. The trick is to notice subconscious beliefs and make them more conscious then choose to change them or not. This effects dog training greatly 🙂